May is Global Employee Health and Fitness month and brings attention to the problems caused by inactivity and poor lifestyle choices. The risks associated with inactivity and poor lifestyle are staggering.


$2300-$4000/year is the average cost of a sedentary employee. This means that sedentary employees could be costing your company thousands of dollars.


This international Employee Health & Fitness initiative encourages employers and employees to promote regular activity and improve healthy lifestyles.


Your participation and commitment to wellness does just that. It inspires others, whether you support an office environment, a manufacturing plant or remote staff. Use this time to recommit to a stronger and healthier employee population.


As an employer, you can support your employees by planning special events that celebrate healthy living. You will be creating a positive and supportive environment that will benefit everyone.


Some tips you can do to support Global Employee Health & Fitness month.


1. Schedule a morning employee group walk
2. Implement a walking program. An online, validated walking program can significantly boost your employee engagement levels and provide you with concrete ROI data.
3. Host a healthy pot luck lunch
4. Challenge one another not use the elevator for a day
5. Hold walking conference calls. This is an excellent way to get the blood flowing and oxygen to the brain for creative thinking.


During May Global Employee Health & Fitness Month, Walkingspree would like to recognize all the employers who are providing supportive and excellent wellness programs to their employees.


Walkingspree client, a large health insurer in Michigan with their BWell Program, supports their employees with ongoing challenges and incentives to their employees.



“I enjoyed walking when I was younger but as I’ve gotten older and busier I’ve moved away from the habit. When we received the pedometers from our employer as part of a healthier living incentive I was challenged. I had been saying that I wanted to lose the weight I had gained and just thinking of my health in general. It was time I reintroduce myself to a habit that I use to love. Every day I made it my goal to increase my steps or at least match the day previous day’s record. I started taking the steps instead of riding the elevator. Instead of driving to the convenience store I started walking there. Before long I was walking almost every day.


I eventually started noticing a difference in the way that my clothes were fitting and how my body was feeling. I was actually losing the weight and at the same time getting a quiet moment to myself to reflect.


I’m glad to say that I’m still walking and I feel good. I’m down 47 pounds and counting. This challenge has been extremely instrumental in helping me get back to walking and taking better care of my over all healthy.


Thank you for challenging your employees to B Well!! I know it made a difference in my life.


Lillie Heard


At Walkingspree, we provide superior corporate wellness solutions centered on the numerous benefits of our corporate walking program. Our customized health and fitness solutions combine advanced monitoring and tracking technology with the built-in-fun of motivating incentives, rewards, and social interactions for programs that result in high engagement, healthier employees, and positive ROI. To learn more about the significant benefits that your company and your employees can realize with our corporate walking program, contact Walkingspree today.