At Walkingspree we excel at providing fun and engaging walking programs. Our track record speaks for itself. Since 2006, we have been providing an activity tracking wellness platform that connects wearables. We deliver a mobile app and a private website with real-time data flow from health tracking platforms such as Apple Health, Samsung, Google Fit, Fitbit, and Garmin. We sell and connect Apple Watches, Fitbit and Garmin devices. We go beyond connecting devices to offer support to address member issues.

Walkingspree already  has reseller relationships in place.  We are delivering mobile SSO integration, real time data flow, Walkingspree callouts to wellness partner platforms, comprehensive account management to wellness partners and their clients, and enhanced member support to participants.

Whether it is a one-time Challenge or an ongoing physical activity tracking program, we are able to deliver customized solutions to our wellness partners and your clients. We customize gaming applications, social networking, targeted messaging or nudges, and reward tracking to fit within the platform offered to serve your clients and your reward program to incentivize your members.

We know the future direction of wellness is to offer digital health platforms for serving chronic disease patients and specific health insurance products. Walkingspree’s custom physical activity platform is ideal as one or your customized prevention programs or as a rehabilitation solution to lower healthcare claim costs of your members.

For further information on strategic partnerships, please reach out to Walkingspree CEO – Hiran Perera via email

Leverage Our Physical-Activity Platform Expertise

  • Longevity – Since 2006, Walkingspree has been seen as a trusted provider of integrated wellness solutions.


  • Leading Edge – We connect directly to Apple Health, Samsung, Google Fit, Fitbit and Garmin to deliver real-time data for your platform.

  • Mobile App – We can deliver one seamless mobile app that connects to your mobile app or your mobile responsive website.

  • Bundled solution – Walkingspree can work with you to deliver a top-notch bundled solution for your clients.

  • Data Security – Walkingspree is secure.  We comply to recent European GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) requirements.  We have received an A+ rating on our secured SSO connections.