San Antonio, Texas (PRWEB) December 19, 2013 – Walkingspree, a specialized corporate wellness program vendor, will expand client options this January with the introduction of Inspire, a proprietary Bluetooth wireless rechargeable activity tracker (pedometer), along with a new iOS mobile platform and PC application. Named for the ability to inspire physical activity, the new activity tracker connects to both smartphone devices and computers.


Walkingspree’s Inspire is designed to instantly impress with a high-tech digital display, clip and wrist strap options, plus seven screen displays including time, steps, calories burned, walking distance, walking time in minutes, percent of personal target achieved, and percent of corporate goal achieved. The device offers exceptional convenience and portability, weighing in at just nine grams and measuring 1.81 inches x 0.91 inch x 0.39 inch in size. Inspire may be recharged via a USB port or any smartphone wall charger.


“Our health insurance and corporate clients talked – and we listened,” explained Hiran Perera, Walkingspree CEO. “We are excited to provide all of the features and qualities users have requested, and then some. Those features range from Inspire’s low price point which it accessible to thousands of members, to an on-screen display, to effortless, wireless upload via any PC or smartphone.”


Walkingspree aims to help clients begin moving by offering a high-quality yet cost-efficient fitness aid at just $47 per unit. In addition to Inspire, Walkingspree members can also use the popular Fitbit wireless activity trackers or Omron USB pedometers.


Businesses gain one more tool to incentivize wellness and drive positive behavioral change within their membership base with validated step data provided to the sponsoring organization and custom goals set by the organization. Large corporations will also appreciate the ability to use just one common PC as a kiosk to upload data from hundreds of Inspire pedometers.


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Walkingspree is a specialized wellness program vendor that employs interactive technology to inspire healthier choices and increased physical activity. These activities are shown to boost morale and help to control the rising cost of health care. The customized online program helps employers and insurers engage their members, delivering a validated and measurable ROI. Starting with wireless or USB-connected activity trackers, Walkingspree delivers mobile and web applications to engage employees to improve their well-being and increase morale at the workplace. Using activity tracking, interactive food tracking, social networking and gamification techniques, Walkingspree’s corporate wellness program has been shown to deliver more than 50 percent employee participation and year-over-year member retention. Walkingspree programs are already in use by health insurers, insurance brokers, Fortune 500 companies, and small to medium sized businesses. Walkingspree is based in San Antonio, Texas. For more information, visit



Hiran Perera, CEO

Walkingspree USA Ltd.