Walkingspree Markets an Online Wellness Program using Omron’s USB Pedometer


Bannockburn, IL, December 27, 2006—During the past two decades there has been a dramatic increase in obesity in North America. The adult obesity rate in the United States has increased from 14.4% in the 1976-1980 survey to 30.5% by year 2000. Canada is no exception to this trend as the adult obesity rate in Canada has increased from 13.8% in 1979 to 23.1% by 2004. Obesity is a known risk factor for chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and some forms of cancer. Many studies have shown that an everyday activity like walking with personalized targets can manage weight and improve health.
WalkingSpree.com goes further to promote walking by offering an innovative online solution with coaching and community support to deliver a permanent lifestyle change to its members. WalkingSpree has developed a comprehensive online system utilizing web 2.0 technology. The website trends walking data, offers the ability to track nutritional value of meals consumed, coaching support on fitness & nutrition, a health magazine, walking clubs, chatting, blogging, forums, contests, humor, personal videos, etc. WalkingSpree’s Pocket Pedometer™ provided by Omron Healthcare (Model HJ-720IT) is an essential part of the WalkingSpree program to record participants’ steps, aerobic steps, distance walked, calories burned and fat burned. Utilizing its USB connection, members can use the Pocket Pedometer to upload walking data to WalkingSpree.com’s database.
Hiran Perera, CEO of WalkingSpree stated, “The Pocket Pedometer with its USB port and our proprietary software is ideal for our wellness program. It allows us to analyze various walking metrics and set motivational targets with our members that simply cannot be delivered by less advanced, lower-quality pedometers. Our members like the convenience of carrying it in their pockets, wearing it around their necks or putting it in their handbags. They finally have a pedometer that they can trust with its proven 99%+ accuracy. We are excited to deliver an economical weight loss tool just in time to address New Year’s resolutions.”
Isao Ogino, CEO of Omron Healthcare Inc., commented

We’re pleased that WalkingSpree.com has selected our new Omron HJ-720 Pedometer and is utilizing our technologies to develop an innovative, online lifestyle management program that focuses around a simple and effective exercise: walking. We sincerely hope more people will utilize these types of tools to maintain wellness and are committed to helping fight obesity across North America.

About WalkingSpree.com
WalkingSpree.com is an online wellness company that offers a lifestyle change to manage weight and gain vitality to its members. The website combines walking data delivered by a USB Pocket Pedometer™ with other fitness activities and basal metabolic rates to determine the calories burned. By incorporating the caloric intake from the comprehensive nutritional database on any food consumed, WalkingSpree.com members are given a daily perspective on their net calories burned. This statistical analysis is supplemented with online coaching and a health magazine to motivate members to improve their wellness. Member community support is encouraged with Walking Clubs, blogging, forums and personal videos. WalkingSpree offers a comprehensive Wellness Package with an annual or monthly subscription. Members can also choose the baseline Performance Package to track their personal walking data on the company’s website.
Customized portals and wellness packages are marketed to corporations to promote wellness in the workplace.
For a full view, visit www.walkingspree.com. WalkingSpree Inc. is the owner of the website and is registered in the province of Alberta, Canada.
About Omron Healthcare, Inc.
Omron Healthcare, Inc., located in Bannockburn, Illinois, U.S.A., a northern suburb of Chicago, is the North and South American subsidiary of Omron Healthcare group. A leading manufacturer and distributor of blood pressure monitors for home use, Omron Healthcare group is a market leader in blood pressure monitoring with over 50 million of its monitors sold worldwide to date. Omron Healthcare is committed to offering clinically proven, innovative weight management and thermometry products and devices for use in treatment of respiratory conditions, all with the aim of helping people achieve greater compliance and quality of life. With the April 2006 acquisition of Colin Medical Instruments Corporation, a leader in blood pressure monitoring products for hospitals, clinics, and physician offices, Omron Healthcare has a unique position as a company offering a wide array of medical devices for use in sites ranging from hospitals to the home. For more information, visit www.omronhealthcare.com and for Colin products, visit www.colinmedical.com.


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