Walkingspree officially launched their new website today to expand on their corporate wellness program offerings.

Walkingspree is a specialized wellness provider whose expertise is to deliver a superior walking program for health insurers and corporate clients. Through customized online wellness portals and programs, clients receive measurable results and engage participants in a feature rich community. The company’s program – based on a USB pedometer to track validated steps, an active social media network, and interactive food and body trackers – typically delivers more than 50 percent employee participation and year-over-year member retention. Results are healthier employees and a positive return on investment for clients. Walkingspree programs have been implemented in major health insurers, insurance brokers, Fortune 500 companies, small to medium businesses and non-profit organizations such as hospitals and schools. Walkingspree also provides a wellness offering for the general public.

Walkingspree is determined to improve the health and well being of all our participants by delivering a fun, economical and effective wellness program.