Lake Lanier Legacy Wellness launches their new Walkingspree program March 15th.

The Legacy Wellness Evaluation for individuals or groups, coupled with the adoption of a company-wide wellness initiative like the Legacy Wellness’ innovative Walkingspree iWalk program, may very well lead to lower health benefit costs across the board.

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Chaney takes extra step for employee health

The Waldorf concrete company rolled out “Walk It Off,” a program encouraging employees to walk more, in early January, Santana said. To track participation, the company has issued pedometers to participants. The devices can upload individuals’ results to the company’s computers.

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Walkingspree is a specialized wellness provider whose expertise is to deliver a superior corporate walking program for health insurers and corporate clients. Based on a USB pedometer to track validated steps, Walkingspree programs have been implemented in major health insurers, insurance brokers, Fortune 500 companies, small to medium businesses and non-profit organizations such as hospitals and schools. To see how Walkingspree’s corporate wellness program can reduce health care costs, engage employees and provide quantifiable health results for your company, please contact us today.