Walkingspree client, a large health insurer in Michigan, experienced high success with their recent A Better You Challenge. Employees walked a whopping 1 billion steps over the 10 week challenge.


For this challenge, participants set personal daily goals. Each time they achieved their goal, they received a point, and the more points earned meant the more raffle tickets thrown on their behalf into a random drawing. Those who averaged 7,000 steps/day throughout the challenge range were able to earn an additional 100 points.


Participants who reached 200,000 steps by Aug. 11 also received a BWell T-shirt. Overall, 1,908 employees reached the target.


“We are extremely happy with the participation, and proud of the distance our employees are going,” said Michelle Miller, wellness coordinator.


Participants were able to track their points and progress towards their T-shirt in the Walkingspree website. They were also able to upload with their Omron Pedometer or Fitbit pedometer as well as log activity such as swimming to step conversion. Feedback from members was very positive:
“My walking goal is 10,000 steps per day. I’ve hit that every day since Nov. 19, 2012. I recently finished my Master’s degree, so now that I have more time in my life, I go to water aerobics three times a week. I really appreciate that Walkingspree now gives me a way to recognize the hour I spend in the water on my activity log.” – Jennifer Fry, Walkingspree participant


Congratulations to the following employees who won prizes in the random drawing:


Grand Prize winner : $500 Visa Gift Card

  • Christopher LeClerc

Second place winners: $200 Visa Gift Card

  • Pamela Chapman
  • Martha Schmehl
  • Dwayne Richardson
  • Ryan Petkoff
  • Jim Crudder