SAN ANTONIO, Texas (November 7, 2017) — Walkingspree, a nationally-recognized corporate wellness and activity solutions provider based in San Antonio, Texas, is pleased to announce that its partner, VIA Metropolitan Transit, has successfully concluded the “Thrive Wellness Program,” with positive results. A program report, compiled by Aetna, highlights the many benefits that have been provided to participating employees’ overall work-life balance, based on a series of interactive data.

Hospital utilization rates among the Walkingspree group showed significant decreases versus non-participants. An overall decrease in inpatient visits from 2015 to 2016 is apparent within the Walkingspree participant group. Cumulative totals of the two groups indicate a higher amount of total admits and surgeries, as well longer lengths of stays among non-participants, compared to the Wellness Group in both 2015 and 2016.


“We are delighted that VIA was able to achieve this. In 2015 and 2016, Walkingspree participants helped reduce medical claim costs per employee, per year at VIA, compared with those who did not take part,” said Walkingspree Chief Revenue Officer Nathan Pickle. “Prevention in the form of wellness may beneficially mitigate costs associated with health care, and support a healthier, more productive workforce.”

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Press Contact:  Nathan Pickle, Chief Revenue Officer, Walkingspree., 210-410-0076