Keep your traveling employees in shape with health and wellness programs.


As a boss, it is always easy to keep track of your employee’s production and wellness when you are interacting with them on a day-to-day basis. You can tell when certain employees have burnt out from too much work and can easily notice when others have taken a few sick days in a row. These insights into the daily lives of your employees helps you to get a better idea of how you might need to adjust your business plan to meet the needs and requirements of those who work for you. In turn, this also helps you to create a more productive, effective work environment.

However, how are you supposed to monitor the health and wellness of your employees who are constantly on the road? Nearly every company has their own fleet of “road warriors ”? their out-of-office team that fly or drive across the country, meeting with clients, making sales and reporting back to their home base.


While having a dynamic team of road warriors may be good for your business, it is not necessarily the best decision when it comes to the health of your employees. Between hours of traveling, back-to-back meetings with business associates and the stress of the hectic schedule that comes with traveling, it is easy to see why this kind of lifestyle can harm the body beyond just putting on a few pounds.


For instance, a study by the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University in April found that people who traveled most frequently for work were more prone to obesity than their  counterparts who traveled more moderately. In fact, based on the medical records of more than 13,000 workers, the odds of being obese were 92% higher for people traveling more than 21 days a month, and 18% higher for people traveling between 14 and 20 days a month than their counterparts who travel between one and six days.


However, obesity is not the only health risk that comes with constant travel. Increased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers are also among the increased risks that come with non-stop road warrior lifestyle.


So, how can you ensure that you’re traveling employees remain just as healthy and productive as your in-house staff? A corporate-sponsored health and wellness program, such as the ones provided by Walkingspree, are one of the best defenses your employees have for staying healthy and happy on the road.


A regular exercise program not only helps to combat obesity and serious heart and health problems, but also flights off stress. A 1999 study of the global staff of Washington D.C.-based Work Bank Group found that nearly 75% of respondents indicated high or very high stress due to business travel. This is alarming because the constant strain of feeling stressed can put employees under a great amount pressure, including increased headaches, mood swings and muscle tightness.


To help your employees avoid the many signs and symptoms of stress and overload that come with business travel, be sure to contact Walkingspree today to come up with a health and wellness program that works well for your business and employees. As a Walkingspree Business Partner, your client’s bottom line will improve, as will the loyalty, productivity and health of your staff.


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