Exercising with a partner can keep you motivated and on track.

It’s easy to find excuses to put off exercising?too many other tasks to complete, don’t have the time,  too expensive, gym is too crowded, etc. The truth of the matter is we may simply lack the self motivation that is required to just get up and get going. That’s where exercising with a buddy comes in.


Many studies have shown that exercising with a partner or in a group can be very beneficial. It provides support, accountability and structure to an exercise routine. In fact, a recent study found that new mothers who had fitness partners got more exercise than mothers who had no partner support. A similar study found that college students were significantly more likely to be active if they had the support of their friends and family.
When you think about the fact that exercising with a buddy can positively affect your health and motivation, it should come as no surprise. After all, people inherently hate to let their friends or family down, which can be great in terms of following an exercise routine. Here are just a few more reasons why people are more likely to exercise if they have a buddy:
Increased Motivation
Having a fitness partner can help to motivate you to work out, even when you don’t want to. This is because you know in the back of your mind that someone is counting on you to show up and be active with them.
Friendly Competition
It can be easy to feel overwhelmed or intimidated by difficult fitness goals. However, you are much more likely to complete a well-rounded exercise routine, like walking 10,000 steps a day, if you have someone beside you pushing you along. You and your partner can also break down your overall fitness goals into small, manageable chunks, and then celebrate when either of you completes them as a way to build up your motivation even more.
Encourages Fun
Many people often claim that exercising can be boring or exhausting. However, having a partner by your side will help to pass by the time and make your fitness routine more exciting because you have someone to chat with. Soon, you will begin to think of your workouts as time to catch up on each other’s lives.
When you work out, do you prefer to do it alone or with a buddy? Be sure to let us know what works best for you in the comments below. Or, if you would like to learn more about Walkingspree’s built-in ‘buddy system’ for corporate-sponsored wellness programs, contact us today.
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