Members See Real Results

“At first it inspired me to walk at least 5,000 and then 10,000 steps per day. Now I have taken it up another level to 15,000 steps per day as I do feel the benefits and am losing weight due to calories burned whilst walking.”

Walkingspree Member , Texas Health Resources

“It has made a tremendous difference as I am much more motivated to move, walk, exercise, etc. Thank you for this initiative that has made me feel 100% better and motivated to continue!”

Walkingspree Member, Miami Dade Public Schools

I love the challenges and the part where u can invite friends. I have lost weight and have gained energy. My husband had joined in and got his own Fitbit and challenged some friends of his own. It’s a wonderful idea and has helped us grow closer.”

Walkingspree Member, Texas Health Resources

I know walking is good for my health, but I like the friendly competition. I don’t want to be the one who lets my team down, so it makes me try harder.”

Walkingspree Member, Newport Mesa Unified School District

I enjoy the Walkingspree Challenges in that it keeps me focused in promoting a healthy lifestyle while getting a vigorous walk or exercise to help decrease my A1C and help prevent arthritis

Walkingspree Member, CHRISTUS Health

“Walkingspree has been a pleasure to work with in planning my client’s wellness challenges. Presently, I have worked with Walkingspree representatives to plan three challenges over the course of a year. Each challenge has been a valuable and motivational aspect through tracking steps/activity & logging food and water. In addition participants are able to form teams “clubs” within their department to increase their physical activity. A bonus to the steps/activity and nutrition tracking are offerings of push notification on a variety of relative wellness topics to the challenge. Customer support has been help with their speedy returns on inquiries too. My Client’s participation has doubled since partnership with Walkingspree, we’re looking forward for upcoming challenges as a culture of wellness is continued to be established.”

Ashley Wagoner, BS, EP-C, Health Engagement Senior Analyst, Cigna

Our Clients Love Walkingspree Service

“Walkingspree has been instrumental in bringing fun challenges and improving physical activity in the workplace of many of our clients. Most importantly, the participant experience with their technology and their customer service are amazing! Nathan and his team deliver the best service. It is very clear how passionate they are about what they do!”

Valeria S. Tivnan, EBS

Walkingspree is a phenomenal partner. They offer exactly what our clients are looking for in a walking program.  They take a huge load off the plate for the client by administering the program and providing custom communications.  I recommend them to all of our clients!

Alison (Eschweiler) Drska, CHES, CWP, Senior Well-Being Strategist Cigna Seattle, WA

 Wellness Experts Have Spoken

What I like about Walkingspree is that it is a impactful supplement to any client’s wellness strategy.  The programs help to support an increase in overall physical activity through goals and incentives which are tailored to the company, culture, and employees.  In particular, Walkingspree excels in their customer relationships and support from launch to ongoing implementation, which helps our client HR teams incorporate this program with maximum support and minimal disruption.  Walkingspree removes the burden to HR while providing superb customer service, marketing, and logistic support. Overall, I highly recommend Walkingspree as part of a well-rounded wellness program.

Jason Auer, Senior Well-Being Strategist, Team Lead, Los Angeles, CA

I love Walkingspree. They have excellent customer service, unique challenges that meet the needs of my clients and Nathan and his team are sincere and authentic in their approach to wellness. This is a great and easy approach to total population wellness challenges. Speaking as a participant in a Walkingspree challenge, they motivated me to get up and get moving. I would recommend this company wholeheartedly.

Elaine Bradford, Well-Being Strategist, San Diego, CA

The challenge was fun to do between offices. The Walkngspree app was easy to navigate around, Prizes were good and appreciated. Let’s do this again!”

Cindy Lord, ATN International

Walkingspree has increased my awareness of how much movement I have done each day. It encourages me to get moving if I haven’t reached my daily goal.”

Shirley Ryan, Ability Lab, Chicago, IL