The fastest-growing components of wellness programs are technology-driven tools.

– Buck Consultants

As healthcare costs continue to escalate, employers are spending more and more money into employee wellness programs to try and minimize financial damage.

Not only is the popularity of wellness programs continuing to grow, so is how much employers are willing to spend on employees who participate. Some employers are spending up $3,000/employee with the average being approx $500/employee.

Much of this increased wellness spending is going towards technology based wellness. This trend is not surprising considering it provides an opportunity to reach out to all employees with more affordability and convenience than traditional wellness program that typically require more manpower. Wellness programs no longer just revolve around lunch and learns, gym discounts and smoking-cessation seminars in the cafeteria.

Technology based wellness programs offer:

  • Rapid Scalability – the use of cloud technology can allow for rapid scaling to meet the needs of all corporate client sizes.
  • Connectability – technology allows corporations who are physically separated by city/country to connect together online.
  • Measurable – using a connected device provides real time quantifiable data (instead of self-reported data which can be inflated).
  • Tech Based Communications – According to a Towers Watson survey, 84 percent of employers used e-mails to communicate benefits choices in 2010, up from 76 percent in 2009.
  • High Engagement – Instant feedback, ease of participants to interact with each other with real time data and online social networking

With valid measurements, a technology-based program can create competitions, provide meaningful rewards and maintain engagement. Accurate data translate into measurable results, better employee buy-in and energized participation. That means your physical activity program is sustainable for the long term.