Another stressful period of waiting is over and it looks like it is business as the usual. Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act health subsidies across the country in their recent ruling. This rejection of the final key challenge to Obamacare preserves the current healthcare landscape.

This means prevention and wellness is at the forefront for corporations as a means to lower the cost of health insurance. The current law allows organizations now to spend up 30% of the total cost of employee coverage of insurance towards Wellness initiatives for the employees. It is time to STEP UP YOUR WELLNESS and make your Employees a valuable partner in the never ending battle against the ever rising cost of Healthcare.

Walkingspree can become one of your organization’s most valuable partners whether you’re considering the implementation of a solution that is participation-based or an alternative standard to an outcome-based program. Walkingspree is committed to helping our Clients and Members in making long term improvements to their personal Health and Wellness.

Now that the uncertainty of the ruling has passed it is a great time to start discussing options for the 2016 calendar year. Let Walkingspree help you put your Wellness Dollars to good use by investing in Walkingspree’s Activity program an Employee who starts walking regularly can cut $1200 per year off your benefit cost.

Written by: Charlie Boyd IV