Return on Investment

For every $1 spent, Walkingspree clients have experienced direct ROI’s between $2.00 and $10.00

SKF Case Study

SKF realized $9.38 for every $1 invested.

Improving employees’ health was a struggle for SKF USA Inc., until they took a proactive approach and implemented the Walkingspree program as part of their comprehensive wellness program. The results are healthier, happier employees and improved bottom line.

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AFG Case Study

American Financial Group (AFG), a Fortune 500 firm, implemented the Walkingspree program in early 2008 as part of a comprehensive wellness program consisting of health screenings (and are now entering their 4th year with Walkingspree). As a result of this success, AFG was
recognized with the following awards:

  • 2008 and 2010 Healthiest Companies in America
  • 2008 Benefits Professional of the Year (Scott Beeken)
  • 2008 and 2009 Apex Award for Innovative Benefit Strategies.
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The Trail of Wellness


We have been using Walkingspree for 2 years and we love that we can use the website to track our entire organization. Using a pedometer has encouraged our employees to be more aware of their activity levels and getting up and moving more. The website allows us to encourage one another, track personal and organizational goals, and run reports to track our progress. It has been a big hit in our organization!”

Rusty, Wellness Director, Large Midwest Hospital

I find myself walking more; especially in the later portion of the day when I know that I’ve been chained to my desk in front of the computer all day. This program inspires me to find ways that I can log some steps to help my team and make me feel a little better.

Port of Portland, Portland, OR

I love Walkingspree. They have excellent customer service, unique challenges that meet the needs of my clients and Nathan and his team are sincere and authentic in their approach to wellness. This is a great and easy approach to total population wellness challenges. Speaking as a participant in a Walkingspree challenge, they motivated me to get up and get moving. I would recommend this company wholeheartedly.

Elaine Bradford, Well-Being Strategist, San Diego, CA

“Walkingspree makes it simple for us and our clients to be involved in helping the employees make lifestyle changes without having to do all the work like most programs. Utilizing Walkingspree as a preferred vendors of ours makes it an easy option when a client wants to instill an effective, challenging, and fun walking program.”

Stephanie, Wellness Strategist, National Benefit Consultant