Features of Walking Program

Wellness Program Features

Walkingspree’s comprehensive and effective online walking program can contribute significantly to
the well being of your target clientele, translating to lower healthcare claims.

We offer a proven program that allows members to increase activity, improve diets, and reduce unhealthy habits.
Our walking program features include:

Activity, Food, and Body Tracking

A wireless or USB connection allows members to automatically upload data to the Walkingspree website, where they can view information over any period of time and observe trends. Members can enter non-stepping activities such as swimming, weightlifting, or yoga. They can also track food consumption with our database of 65,000 foods (including fast food menu items) and 7,000 healthy recipes. Our body tracker helps users monitor weight loss, fat percentage, and BMI.


Activity Tracking


Food Tracking


Body Tracking

Fun With Challenges, Competition, and Social Networking

Walkingspree makes walking programs fun with online walking groups and leaderboards. Employees can form groups, and then see who’s in the lead with virtual “Leaderboards.” Our “Virtual Walk” challenges combine Walkingspree data with Google Maps technology, so members can set goals to walk across your state or to famous landmarks.

Social networking on the Walkingspree website also allows for friendly encouragement. The Walkingspree “buddy system” lets users check in on friends’ progress. Members can also keep private journals, post blog entries, and exchange wall comments.

Superior Customer Support and
Account Management

Walkingspree’s attentive account management team assists with all steps of enrollment, implementation, and launching wellness programs to ensure they reach high participation and retention rates. The Walkingspree support team can be reached via email ticket system and outbound calls. When we say it, we mean it — we truly do value customer support.

Member Statistics and Reports

Walkingspree issues regular or custom reports on user participation, rewards tracking, and program effectiveness, for ease of program administration.
Client admins can self run reports at their own convenience as well.