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Wellness Program for Brokers and Partners

We understand and can work with your needs, whatever they may be. Your relationship with your client is our
primary focus. Our experience has made us an industry leader and that experience can help you launch and deliver a specialized walking program that can be easily integrated into other wellness solutions.

We provide a proven turnkey solution

We provide a proven turnkey solution that will help you reach your goals while delivering results to your clients. Our total solution will promote the Walkingspree program to your clients and their employees.

Walkingspree works with a variety of distribution partners, including:


Insurance or
Benefits Brokers


Wellness Clubs


Health Systems



Why walk?

Medical evidence and studies indicate that medical and health costs are skyrocketing. We know it, you know it, and your clients know it. They’re looking for assistance in keeping these costs under control. The studies have underscored that wellness programs are a necessary part of a company’s health strategy.

Over the past five years, Walkingspree has accumulated data that demonstrates significant return on investment when employers and their employees are actively engaged in walking activity programs. One of our major clients has showed a return of over $9 for every dollar spent on the Walkingspree program. That’s the kind of relationship that companies expect, need, and ask you to provide.

Partner Benefits

The Walkingspree program provides a variety of partner benefits, including:

A co-branded website with your logo,
strengthening the relationship with your client
Customization and in flexibility filling the client’s need
for partnership and a long-term relationship.
Consistent ongoing communication with regular reporting
to both client and partner
Turnkey solutions, working directly with your and your
client to find the right fit
Assistance in directing the sale and proposal process
Easy to implement, manage and renew

As we partner together in developing the solution for your client, we will offer an abundance of marketing materials, brochures, flyers, posters, and other media to allow you to customize your solution for your client. The turnaround is quick, and the rewards are abundant.

Program Benefits

The Walkingspree program can improve client health in a variety of ways, including:

Reduced diabetes risk
Reduced coronary heart
disease risk
Reduced colon and breast
cancer risk
Weight loss and healthier BMI
Linked to prevention of dementia

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