Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Program

Walkingspree clients see high enrollment, high participant engagement and excellent retention. Our programs are all HIPAA compliant and automatically include private client websites and communities. These secure websites are branded with the corporate logo of your choice.


Devices, Connectivity and Reporting

Walkingspree is a reseller of Garmin and Fitbit devices including Zip, Flex, Alta, Charge HR, Blaze and Surge. Walkingspree connects these devices and pulls only validated step data into our platform. Apple Watch, Jawbone and Misfits are also connected into our platform and all other devices connected to the Apple Health platform. Additionally, step data from Apple iPhone 5 or above can be connected. Want us to sync and pull step data from Google Fit? No problem! What about Android devices? We’ve got you covered.

Android Wear devices connected to Google Fit platform include: Sony SmartWatch, LG Watch Urbane, Moto 360, Huawei Watch, Asus ZenWatch, Tag Heuer Connected and Fossil Q Founder. Walkingspree is compatible with stepping tracking apps on Android phones including the latest models of Samsung, LG, Huawei, HTC and Xiaomi.


Bring Your Own Device

This feature is great for employees who already have a device because they, too, can connect to Walkingspree with a variety of devices

Other Popular Features of Walkingspree’s Enterprise Program

Online Shopping Cart Feature

Employees can select their own devices and opt to have them delivered directly to their homes saving the employer time and distribution headaches. The shopping cart feature gives clients flexibility because they can choose to provide their employees a fixed subsidy towards the purchase of a new device. Employers appreciate the added benefit of subsidy flexibility, as well. This option lets the employer offer a different subsidy to spouses. Other features give the ability to set and control the budget for new devices as well as set conditions for replacement devices. Learn More about the Shopping Cart Feature and Device Distribution options.

Customized Mobile App

Walkingspree is the only online activity program provider on the market that includes a customized mobile app with your company logo and tag line as part of your program at no extra charge.

The Walkingspree mobile app allows the user to check activity, log food, manage personal goals, view progress on corporate goals, motivate with badges earned, and connect with friends on social networks. Company-wide goals can be set for employees, built into the challenges and linked with incentives. These goals can also be built into automated messaging providing instant feedback via email or Facebook. Reports on which members have achieved the goal (or not) for incentive distribution are provided.


Challenges, Activity Tracking and Setup of Official Teams for Competition

Walkingspree does the work for you in terms of setting up official teams for competition. Let us know how you wish to set up your new teams: by departments or even randomly. We can offer a special team program for spouses of employees. We list the teams inside the website and on log-in pages, show rankings by teams and individual statistics within a team. Software widgets allow for easy tracking by day, week, month, four months, one- year and a custom setting so you can determine the time frame to measure progress. You automatically have one official all-inclusive corporate team. This is private and not viewable by other organizations.


Walkingspree develops a comprehensive communication strategy to fit your needs. Walkingspree designs and delivers targeted emails to build fun and keep employees engaged. We can also deliver text messaging and push notifications through our mobile app to make it easier to communicate with your employees that either do not monitor their email or do not spend the majority of their time in a traditional office setting.

Walkingspree’s Enterprise Program is a full featured, robust program with all the resources, tools and support included. We’ve listed just a few of the features that people love. Get in touch today to learn more about what’s available and how you can get started.