Walkingspree is profitable

We are a privately-owned company, principally owned and controlled by our management team.

Since 2010, Walkingspree has formed a relationship with a large Midwest insurer in multiple ways. Through offering a weight management solution within a wellness-based insurance product, our company acts as a physical activity wellness solution for the insurance company’s employees, as well as a recommended vendor for a community-based wellness solution. Given Walkingspree’s performance as a vendor, this Midwest insurer has entered into an agreement with Walkingspree that incentives the insurer to grow the Company through existing relationships in return for a small potential ownership interest in Walkingspree.

Walkingspree is seeking growth financing at this time from strategic partners, angel investors and/or VC funds. Please contact our Chief Executive Officer – Hiran Perera at 210-767-2436 or