The Omni Colonnade only recently launched their Walkingspree wellness program yet they are already doing a stand-up job at implementing and promoting their initiatives. They prove creating a culture of wellness does not take long. And, when done right, employees will not only be participating but also be thoroughly engaged.


We suggest a few key components be in place to create a culture of wellness. You bet the Omni Colonnade has each one checked off!
>> Have employees invest in the program. It’s really an investment in their health!
>> Upper management actively participating in the program, showing the inherent value.
>> Multiple health and wellness initiatives build up the program and work with each other to provide a whole, rich program.


Let’s discuss these further.


At the Omni Colonnade, employees must purchase the INSPIRE activity tracker for themselves, at Omni’s discounted rate. This is done through a payroll deduction, making it fast and easy. Think about it: are you more likely to use a gym membership your employer pays for or one where the monthly fee hits your personal account? When it impacts your wallet, you’re more inclined to use it.


When judging the success of a wellness program, we also look at who in the company is using the program. Value can be instantly gained from upper management participating in wellness initiatives. Who wouldn’t want to beat their boss at an activity challenge? Our platform allows for everyone to be on a level playing field. When Omni Colonnade’s employees see their General Manager Delfin Ortiz and other top-level management participating, they recognize the value our program brings to everyone, regardless of their position in the company.


Omni’s Delfin Ortiz bundled a number of initiatives together in his quest for wellness. He launched their new wellness program during an all-staff meeting, complete with healthy foods, drinks and fun team-building activities. The Omni Colonnade’s dedicated Walkingspree Client Manager, Christina Orsborn, was on hand to further explain their new program, announce their first challenge, and ramp up excitement.


Besides a great program launch, Ortiz has also kicked soda and junk food vending machines to the curb, replacing them with much healthier options. Employees look forward to Ortiz’s Wellness Wednesdays when healthy food options are served in the cafeteria, and the team is invited to compete in kickball or another activity after work. The Omni Colonnade has also stepped it up a notch, by volunteering their Grand Ballroom as the location for the American Heart Association’s 2014 San Antonio Fit Friendly Symposium this summer. We hope to see everyone there Wednesday, June 11, 2014 from 8am-noon! More info here.


By combining Walkingspree with better nutrition options, team-building exercises and an overall attitude of fun, the Omni Colonadde’s new program has been a huge success. They are signing up new members daily with a 100% participation rate! Those in charge of the program at the Omni Colonnade hope to be an inspiration for other locations in and outside of the United States.