National Walking DayYesterday, we urged members to band together to banish inactivity. With the American Heart Associations’ National Walking Day, Americans were encouraged to take at least 30 minutes out of their day to get out and walk. Our Walkingspree members have already taken the first steps in their personal walking journey, with many having 10,000 step days on average.
We asked our members to go even further by getting their communities and companies involved. By sharing the importance of achieving 10,000 steps a day, Walkingspree members play a vital role in the health and well-being of those around them. They’ve discovered the secret to life, practically! Why not share it with others?
Do we need to remind you of the many benefits of walking? Take a peek at this helpful infographic. To sum up some of the best health stats, walking:

  • Boosts endorphins, easing stress, tension, anger and fatigue
  • Burns fat, controls weight and reduces diabetes risk
  • Reduces coronary heart disease risk by 30-40%
  • Has a healthy effect on blood pressure
  • Increases cancer survival rates — by 50% in women with breast cancer and 50% in patients with prostate cancer
  • Prevents brain shrinkage, which can cause memory problems

We loved seeing clients stepping up to the Walking Day challenge! Both San Antonio College and Broadway Bank hosted events / walks. Some of our staff members were on hand at San Antonio College’s Health and Wellness Expo presented by the Department of Kinesiology. There were some cool activities, like self defense classes, body fat monitoring, even a spin class! Client Broadway Bank got moving, holding walks at their banking centers during the day. Our CEO and other main office employees took a stroll around the neighborhood, too!

We want to know what you and your company did to celebrate! Tell us in the comments below.