Custom Company Mobile App

Walkingspree is Currently the Only Activity Challenge Provider Offering Customized Mobile Apps

Walkingspree’s mobile app is customizable with your company logo, branding and information. This is great news because company personalization means your members will associate the app on their smartphones and your company’s activity program with your brand name.

Company Specific Applications Include:

  • Challenges
  • Team Leaderboards
  • Messaging
  • Food and Activity Logs

Our clients also appreciate being able to view reports on which members have achieved the goal (or not) for incentive distribution.

The Walkingspree mobile app goes far beyond individual statistics reported on a mobile phone.

Your company branded mobile app allows the user to check activity, log food, manage personal goals, view progress on corporate goals, motivate with badges earned, as well as connect with friends on social networks. Company-wide goals can be set for employees. They can be built into the challenges and linked with incentives. These goals can also be built into automated messaging providing instant feedback via email or Facebook. Reports on whether a member has achieved the goal or not for incentive distribution are provided.

Other great features include the ability to log non-pedometer workouts and create an all steps menu that converts and calculates logged activity into steps and combines with validated steps.

The Walkingspree Mobile App is Fully Compatible with Smartphones

iPhone and Android users can quickly download the appropriate Walkingspree application straight to their phones for immediate enjoyment and motivation. Further, our app is also fully compatible and integrates easily with Google Fit and Apple Health.

This technology keeps our clients’ activity programs running smoothly and the ease of use makes it a favorite with these employers and their members. As with all of our mobile apps, members can record activity and be confident that the app will also recognize non-pedometer activity (for example a workout on an elliptical trainer), convert it into validated step data and never miss a beat.

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Wearable Devices
Your Employees Can Easily Connect to Walkingspree’s Open Platform

  • Any Fitbit device or Garmin device will work on the Walkingspree platform.
  • You can also use any smartphone with Apple HealthKit or Google Fit to track Walkingspreee activity with your phone. Additional device connectivity is subject to specific device compatibility on your smartphone.
  • Devices that connect with Apple Health and Google Fit platform include; Apple Watch, Jawbone, Misfits, Sony SmartWatch, LG Watch Urbane, Moto 360, Huawei Watch, Asus ZenWatch, Tag Heuer Connected and Fossil Q Founder.
  • Walkingspree's Open Platform makes it possible to pull Validated Step Data through Apple Health Kit and Google Fit for Incentives.
  • Walkingspree is a reseller of Garmin and Fitbit.