Companies that provide opportunities for a healthier, more productive workplace through implementing a corporate wellness program can reap a wealth of benefits, including saving on health care costs, increasing productivity, and reducing employee sick days. And by encouraging a culture that promotes healthy living, the benefits can be even greater as employee participation and engagement increases. Below are some tips to help your company make health and wellness a central part of its culture.

Lead by Example
Creating a discernable and authentic company culture of health and wellness needs to start at the top. This is an opportunity for management at all levels to lead by example, demonstrating that they are fully committed to establishing a culture within the company that values and promotes the overall physical and mental wellbeing of all employees. This includes active participation in wellness program events, contributing or supporting ideas for new events and activities, as well as a demonstrated dedication to making healthy choices in their own lives. Employees should be able to do as the company leaders say – and also do as they do.
Be Consistent
While certain times of year provide ideal opportunities for promoting wellness programs and healthy lifestyles, such as after the start of a new year and during open enrollment period, the conversations and encouragement with employees cannot die off during the rest of the year if you expect to establish a genuine culture of wellness within your company. Wellness should not be limited to “events”, but rather an ongoing and pervasive part of your company’s efforts on a consistent and regular basis. Remember that your efforts are designed to make health and wellness second nature within your company so that everyone can realize the benefits of happy, healthy employees. If the message isn’t reinforced, it can easily fall by the wayside.
Don’t Just Talk the Talk
It’s easy to say the right things when it comes to discussing wellness with your employees. The company’s official message may put a priority on healthy living and prevention, but if there is a disconnect when it comes to how policies are actually enforced, the entire effort may be in danger of losing credibility. For instance, management may claim to encourage employees to stay home when ill in order to hasten their recovery and maintain a healthy workplace, but in reality employees may feel a strong implied pressure to come in to work, or disapproval when calling in sick. Often, situations like these arise because outdated mentalities and practices can be hard to shake, but it’s important that everyone in the company commit to whole-heartedly adhering to the message of wellness to truly create an overall corporate culture that promotes healthy living.
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