The American Heart Association recommends that adults get 150 minutes of moderate activity per week to help prevent heart disease. Walking is a great way to get moderate activity without requiring a gym membership or any special equipment.

Moderate walking speed is a pace that results in you breathing heavier, but you can still speak in short sentences. You can talk, but you can’t sing. If you are measuring with your step tracker moderate intensity walking is approximately 2.5 miles per hour.

But why is walking so important to your heart health? Several large studies have shown that walking is key to keeping your heart healthy.

Moderate intensity walking has been shown to be an excellent way to keep a healthy weight, so you don’t have an obesity risk which puts strain on your heart and vascular system.

Moderate intensity walking, when measured over 6 years in over 15,045 walkers, was just as effective as intense exercise to help to prevent heart disease, as measured by blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Moderate intensity walking has been shown to lower risk of heart disease in postmenopasual women up to 30% in a large study of over 74,000 women.

Researchers report that moderate intensity walking reduces the risk of cardiovascular events by 31%, and the benefits were equally robust in men and women.

Time for a walk!