Investment Considerations

  • Longevity – Since 2006, Walkingspree has been a trusted provider of integrated wellness solutions. We continue to evolve and enhance our platform to meet the latest digital and data security requirements.

  • Technology Edge – Our mobile app has real-time data flow from health tracking platforms such as Apple Health, Samsung, Google Fit, Fitbit, and Garmin.

  • Proof of concept – There are multiple case studies demonstrating how Walkingspree has reduced the healthcare claim costs of its members. A peer-reviewed academic publication by co-authors from University of Michigan and Stanford was published in March 2017 on the success of one of its programs.

  • Rich features to drive engagement – Our program is customized to clients with gaming applications, social networking, targeted messaging or nudges and much more.

  • Competitive Edge – We deliver a choice of multiple programs to serve clients of all sizes at competitive prices. We offer value-added services to clients such as marketing support and account management services to minimize workload at no additional cost.

  • Data Security – Walkingspree is secure.  We comply to recent European GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) requirements.  We have received an A+ rating on our secured SSL connections.

Walkingspree is growing and its business operations are self-funding with positive EBITDA. Walkingspree is seeking growth capital from investors to accelerate its growth. We are flexible to discuss strategic equity relationships with industry partners seeking a physical-activity SaaS mobile platform to serve your clients. For further information, please reach out directly to Walkingspree CEO – Hiran Perera via email: