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Introducing Walkingspree Small Business Solutions

 In a matter of minutes, your company can have an effective, motivating online activity program up and running. The Small Business Solutions program is created specifically for the unique needs of businesses with 500 or less employees. This program has been eagerly awaited and we’re happy to report we’re getting some great comments and positive feedback. And, when you think about it, it’s easy to see why: Our easy-to-use online activity program requires no contracts, is ready to go in minutes, can be tailored to fit a company’s culture and is custom branded for personalization.  There are so many perks and automated tools included that HR managers, benefit coordinators and more will want to get started right away.

So, lace up your walking shoes and let’s walk through five key factors making Walkingspree’s Small Business Solutions perfect for your company.


1.  Setup is Stress Free with No Contracts

HR managers, benefit coordinators, CEO’s and any one whose ever been in charge of a company’s wellness or activity program all have one thing in common: They want a solution that isn’t complicated to use, is easy to coordinate, manage and launch.  They also don’t want to be “locked into” programs until they are sure it’s the right fit for their company. We’ve been listening and we’re happy to tell you that we’ve developed exactly what you’re looking for. Our Small Business Solutions are frustration free and simple to use. Getting started quickly means you can initiate everything online without any long term contracts. Setting up your company activity program using a corporate credit card means no waiting, no delays and the ability to set your own timeline. Administrators can coordinate challenges, competitions and structure the company’s activity program right from our online dashboard.


2.  Walkingspree Includes a Customized Mobile App

Our Small Business Solutions program includes features like a customizable mobile app for your employees. Fun fact: Walkingspree is also the only online activity program provider to offer a customized, mobile app with your company logo. You can personalize the app with your company brand to build spirit and a sense of teamwork.


3.  Online Shopping Cart Feature

Wondering how to make sure everyone has a device to track steps and activity data? The Small Business Solutions program includes an online shopping cart allowing employees to select their own Fitbit or Garmin device. Companies can choose a company contribution option that each employee can use towards the purchase of a new device.



4.  Employees Can Bring Their Own Device

In our experience about 25% of your employees probably already own their own activity tracker or wearable device. This means that they can use their own device and get started on your company’s activity program as soon as you’re ready to go! Walkingspree’s open platform means your company activity program will be compatible with almost any activity tracker including apps on smartphones.


5.  Excellent Customer and Technical Support

You’ll also love our attentive customer and technical support. You’ll be able to get answers to your questions on every subject from technical issues to “how to” questions.  So, whether it’s a question about logging food into the food journal on the mobile app or accessing activity reports, we’ve got you covered!


And, that’s just a few of the reasons Walkingspree’s Small Business Solutions are perfect for companies with less than 500 employees. We could keep raving about how robust this program is and what a great deal it is but we’ll let you go check it out for yourself. Visit the Small Business Solutions page at Walkingspree.com to learn more and get pricing.