Add a Proven Wellness Vendor to Your Client Relationships

  • We offer programs to fit any size client – complex organizations, associations, midsize clients to small business with 10 or more employees.

  • We offer flexibility – no contract month-by-month programs, three-month Challenges to ongoing customized health improvement wellness solutions.

  • We minimize your workload – we offer full-service with custom features, marketing support, and ongoing account management to your clients.

  • We work within your budget limitations – We understand the limitations of health insurer wellness funds and client budgets. We work to minimize the cost of incentives. We allow participants to bring their own devices, use their smartphones, and capable of implementing client-paid subsidies in our electronic Storefront. We are experienced in splitting invoices to bill a health insurer for their portion to be paid via wellness funds and invoicing the rest to a client

  • Participation – We keep your clients coming back with our high participation rates.

  • ROI – We are willing to undertake cohort studies to demonstrate the success of Walkingspree. We are willing to hire independent data analytics firms to examine the health insurance claims over two years for those who participated in Walkingspree versus those who did not.

Walkingspree uses wearables to deliver an effective corporate wellness program for your clients. The Walkingspree activity solution works because it provides measurable outcomes, and has built-in fun so employees want to participate. Our gaming features keep them engaged. Walkingspree program challenges are fun, innovative and drive healthy behavior. Walkingspree is able to offer various reward options to incentivize employees to deliver a turn-key solution for you and your clients. We make Walkingspree program easy to administer for your clients. Our goal is to keep your clients happy and their associates healthy so that your clients keep coming back to you for their health insurance needs.

Walkingspree is seen as a best-of-breed solution. We strong partnerships with health insurers, benefit brokers and wellness partners. We serve major consulting firms such as Mercer, national brokers such as Marsh & McLellan, and regional brokers such as Alliant, HUB International and Epic. We have and willing to sign Vendor Agreements to serve your clients.

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