Wellness programs are beneficial for people other than senior employees.


Back when we were in high school and college, being physically active and healthy was something that came along with playing outside with friends, being a player on your school’s sports team or simply walking across campus to get to your classes. While there were many health and wellness benefits that came along with these types of activities, they were something that came as an added bonus to an active lifestyle. Not something that we had to be conscious about as young adults.


However, as we grow older and begin to enter middle age, many changes are happening with our bodies that we have never seen before. Muscle mass is lost, our metabolism is slowing down, our flexibility and strength declines and out body fat slowly increases. However, that’s not all.



Both men and women experience hormonal shifts in their late 20s, and all the way through their 40s, that can alter their energy and performance levels. This is because many people are at the busiest points in their career throughout middle age, which can result in sleep deprivation, lack of exercise and poor diet, all which contribute to sluggishness.


Whether the majority of your company employees are fresh out of college or are starting to put away for their own children’s tuition, the moment to launch your company-wide health and wellness plan is now. Here are just a few more ways in which an employer-sponsored wellness program can help to benefit your employees and your company itself:


Decreased Risk of Heart Disease


It is not enough that your employees go for a bike ride after dinner or walk their dog once a week. Adults should be scheduling regular aerobic exercises into their daily routines in order to reduce their risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease. In fact, taking these protective measures in their 20s, 30s and 40s will help to ensure that your employees lower their odds of developing heart problems by as much as 60%.


Promotes Brain Function


A healthy, in-shape employee is not only beneficial for their personal wellness, but also for the wellness and accomplishments of your business. This is because daily exercise has been shown to have a positive impact on cognition. Regular aerobic exercise not only stimulates brain cell growth by carrying growth factors directly to the brain, but it also improves memory and increases the ability to switch between tasks and stay motivated.


Maintains Weight and Metabolism


Around the age of 30, many people will start to notice that their weight and muscle doesn’t bounce back quite as easily as it used to. This is because after age 20, your basal metabolism drops by 1 to 2 percent every single decade. As your lean muscles decrease and body fat increases, you also don’t need as many calories to sustain yourself. The best way to prevent this? Exercise. If your employees have been living a healthy lifestyle, they will not see a big difference in their bodies between ages 31 and 39. However, if not, they will see a large difference in weight, muscle tone and shape.


For more information about the benefits of physical activity in the work place, for both your employee’s health and wellness, and your company’s bottom line, be sure to contact Walkingspree today.


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