Whether your corporate wellness program is an established and thriving part of your benefits package or a new and exciting addition to your company, open enrollment presents an excellent opportunity for new employees to join and participate. Effective communication of the details and benefits is essential in driving employee engagement in your program. Here are some tips to help you make sure your employees gain the information they need during open enrollment to understand the value of wellness program participation.

Communicate Early and Often

A corporate wellness program is an important part of any benefits package that provides significant benefits to the business, the individual employee, and the company environment as a whole. As such, it should be given appropriate attention and emphasis. Ideally, the benefits of a corporate wellness program are communicated year-round, but open enrollment provides an excellent opportunity to reinforce the message. Be sure to begin focusing on communicating your wellness program to employees as early as possible, and commit to reiterating this message often throughout open enrollment.

Make It Simple to Understand

As an influencer or decision-maker in your company’s policies, you have a vested interest in understanding the fine details of all of the benefits you offer, including your corporate wellness program. However, presenting a large amount of complex information to your employees along with all of the other material they receive regarding benefits during open enrollment may be confusing and overwhelming. In the material you prepare them, try to stick to the impactful and relevant information, and present it in a way that makes it easy to grasp the benefits. Try to avoid jargon when possible, or provide definitions for any frequently used unfamiliar terms.

Encourage Questions

Communication is most effective when it is a two-way street. In discussions, try to spark communication so that employees can share their thoughts or receive clarification on aspects of the wellness program that are unclear to them. Encourage them to approach you throughout open enrollment with any further questions or concerns that arise later or to discuss matters related to their involvement that they are uncomfortable with speaking about in a group setting.

Cover All Benefits

The benefits of a corporate wellness program are numerous, and not every employee will place the same value on each benefit. For instance, some may be most influenced by the opportunity to improve their health, others may be motivated by the opportunity for social engagement, and still others might find the financial benefits to be most attractive. Because of this, it’s important that you make sure to effectively communicate in-depth all of the various ways in which participation in the corporate wellness program benefits both the employee as an individual and their work environment as a whole.

Get Creative

While traditional text handouts that outline the benefits and details of the wellness program are able to provide a wealth of information in a format that employees can keep and reference later, they’re also likely to get overlooked as “just another open enrollment handout sheet”. To catch employees’ attention and interest, try supplementing the standard communication with more creative and innovative material during open enrollment; “fun facts” on social media posts, a colorful flyer in the break room, or reminder emails with tips and trivia could all be ways to reinforce the message in noticeable and memorable ways.

Enlist Help

If you already have an established and successful wellness program in place, you may have a few employees who are highly involved in the program who also have passionate, out-going personalities. If they’re comfortable and willing to speak to others about the program, ask them to share their experiences and how they’ve enjoyed the program during open enrollment discussions. These employees can be of invaluable assistance in wellness program communication, as the message will be coming from peers who endorse and recommend the program.

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