Right on the toes of the International Consumer Electronics Show, our CEO Hiran Perera boarded a plane bound for Hong Kong for the final testing phase of INSPIRE activity trackers. We are changing the game with INSPIRE, by offering Bluetooth technology (say goodbye to manual uploads) at half the price of what our competitors charge.

Hiran had a great visit to our manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. He was able to see the vast amount of work that goes into the manufacturing process, as well as verify and sign off on the final tests. Between the manufacturer’s testing and the independent inspectors we hired to check our product per strict international standards, INSPIRE passed with flying colors.

Take a look at some of the photos from the manufacturing process. That’s focus right there! Supervisors stand by throughout the assembly line to make sure everything is done correctly. Before being charged and packaged, there is another quality control check. Are you seeing a theme here? Quality!

This wasn’t Hiran’s first time in China – he has been there more than a dozen times – but he learned more about the Chinese culture during this visit. Being entertained over meals is a cultural norm for the Chinese. He enjoyed trying exotic shell fish, eel, turtles, tripe, pig’s ear and fried duck (served with the head!). When in Rome!

Our very first INSPIRE shipment will arrive to our warehouse this week, and then we will start fulfilling client orders. Interested in learning more or receiving a sample for your enterprise business? Use the contact box below.

Activity tracking in a small, stylish device at under $50 each. Because healthy employees should not cost a fortune.