Game On!

Ideal for Midsize, Large and Global Employers

Full Service

3 Month Agreement

$3,000 Set Up

$9.95 / Registered Employee / Program

Capped or Up-front Pricing Options

About Game On!

  • Let us create a custom challenge for up to 3 months at one low cost

  • Full account management support to get the program set up

  • Full customer support to promote your challenge and keep members motivated

  • Robust reporting to measure the impact of your challenge

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Explore A Sample of Our Challenges

Customize Your Badge

Company associates can participate to earn virtual badges as continue to walk based on these selected. These themes can be seasonal or fun. Beach themed badges, Holiday themed badges, and badges that represent your industry can all be customized.

Join The Olympics

Bring out the competitive team spirit to go for the Gold! Teams will walk against each other and try to have the highest step average. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams will win Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

Pick A Star Wars Team

Your mission is to blow-up the Death Star weapon created by Darth Vader that could destroy every planet in the universe. Select from 5 Rebel teams or replace them with your favorite Star Wars characters.

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It’s fun and motivating!

The Walkingspree mobile app connects to your favorite device and tracks your steps to make it easy to give your employees rewards for meeting their step goals.

How it Works

We do all the work to get you set up and started on a custom challenge for up to three months. This is a great way to test if Walkingspree is the right company longterm for your wellness program.

Free Demo

We are happy to walk you and your stakeholders through a program overview and a live demo so you can see just how walkingspree can work for you.

Set up

This program offers full support to get your organization set up. We require a simple, one year agreement to get the implementation started.


We assign you a dedicated Wellness Program Manager to help get your employees enrolled, and offer marketing materials to get the word out about the program, rewards and the first challenge.


Your Wellness Program manager will handle most of the workload to set up your program, rewards, ongoing challenges and fine-tune the program to increase engagement.


Walkingspree provides robust detailed on-demand and Monthly reporting so you can see your company’s progress towards health goals. This also includes surveys to get feedback for improvements.


“Who doesn’t like friendly competition?! My co-workers and I have enjoyed competing individually and as a team against other facilities. Walkingspree has been a great motivational tool to get everyone up and walking more. Love it!”

IOS App Reviewer

“I love Walkingspree. They have excellent customer service, unique challenges that meet the needs of my clients and Nathan and his team are sincere and authentic in their approach to wellness. This is a great and easy approach to total population wellness challenges. Speaking as a participant in a Walkingspree challenge, they motivated me to get up and get moving. I would recommend this company wholeheartedly.”

Elaine Bradford, Well-Being Strategist, San Diego, CA

“Walkingspree is a phenomenal partner. They offer exactly what our clients are looking for in a walking program. They take a huge load off the plate for the client by administering the program and providing custom communications. I recommend them to all of our clients!”

Alison (Eschweiler) Drska, CHES, CWP, Senior Well-Being Strategist Cigna Seattle, WA