Ideal for Small & Medium Businesses

Minimum 10 Registered Employees

Defined & Full Service (Buy-up) Available

Monthly Billing, No Contract

$2,000 Set Up

$3.50 / Person / Month

About Flex Business

  • Lowest cost plan with simple online payment

  • Chose from 10 individual, team, or collaborative challenges to engage your employees to move more

  • Easy to purchase, implement and administer your program all from our online dashboard

  • Ability to place program on-hold between challenges

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Explore A Sample of Our Challenges

Challenge Your Limits

Challenge your employees to test themselves to gradually increase their daily step goals. You can start and end at any step goal you choose. Change the step goal, the color of the badges, and how long it will take to receive the badge.

Walk Across The USA

Feeling Patriotic? Virtually walk from one end of our country to the other with this fun challenge! To be victorious, you must start in Boston and finish in Los Angeles. Push notifications will make sure you know how far you have gone so that you can keep your eyes on the prize.

Beat The Executive

It’s time to step it up and try to out walk a team of executives. This challenge can be setup for an individual to try to out average the executive or members can form teams to out average them. Will your executives step up to the challenge, or will you show them who is boss?

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Points Program 

It’s easy, engaging and rewarding to track points and reward employees.

It’s fun and motivating!

The Walkingspree mobile app connects to your favorite device and tracks your steps to make it easy to give your employees rewards for meeting their step goals.

How it Works

The Flex program makes it easy to purchase, set up and get started with your first challenge. You can use your corporate credit card.

Easy Online Setup

Getting started with flex program is easy. We provide you with a simple online process to purchase and enroll.


Walkingspree offers you a set of 10 Challenges for you to choose from to get your employees walking.


Use the walkingspree tools & email templates to let your employees know about the upcoming challenge.


Our online digital platform makes it easy to launch and maintain challenges for your employees.


Walkingspree provides robust, detailed monthly reporting so you can see your progress.


We have been using Walkingspree for 2 years and we love that we can use the website to track our entire organization. Using a pedometer has encouraged our employees to be more aware of their activity levels and getting up and moving more. The website allows us to encourage one another, track personal and organizational goals, and run reports to track our progress. It has been a big hit in our organization!”

Rusty, Wellness Director, Large Midwest Hospital

I find myself walking more; especially in the later portion of the day when I know that I’ve been chained to my desk in front of the computer all day. This program inspires me to find ways that I can log some steps to help my team and make me feel a little better.

Port of Portland, Portland, OR

I love Walkingspree. They have excellent customer service, unique challenges that meet the needs of my clients and Nathan and his team are sincere and authentic in their approach to wellness. This is a great and easy approach to total population wellness challenges. Speaking as a participant in a Walkingspree challenge, they motivated me to get up and get moving. I would recommend this company wholeheartedly.

Elaine Bradford, Well-Being Strategist, San Diego, CA

“Walkingspree makes it simple for us and our clients to be involved in helping the employees make lifestyle changes without having to do all the work like most programs. Utilizing Walkingspree as a preferred vendors of ours makes it an easy option when a client wants to instill an effective, challenging, and fun walking program.”

Stephanie, Wellness Strategist, National Benefit Consultant