Integration With Existing Wellness Programs

Integration with Existing Wellness Programs

Not only will Walkingspree work with you to tailor a program to meet the needs of your employees, but our technology makes it easy to integrate with our current wellness program.

You decide which features of the Walkingspree website and activity solutions you want to incorporate. We can deliver multi-tier private programs for your subsidiaries and divisions while you are in control at the head office. Walkingspree program can provide single sign-on, eligibility validation and automatic enrollment for easy implementation.

Other customized portal features include:

Multi-user access control
Eligibility file integration
Custom data capturing
(i.e., integrate Employee ID/department or
HRA questions into account creation)
Performance standard-setting
for a sub-set of participants
Single sign-on
Custom shopping cart

The Walkingspree program can also integrate with your current reward partner for other wellness services to develop a common reward platform for all your wellness programs. And by incorporating your Walkingspree step achievements with your other wellness rewards, your Walkingspree program will help you achieve the goals of your comprehensive wellness program.