SAN ANTONIO, Texas— Walkingspree, in partnership with Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Jan Tilley, recently announced a new initiative to support the wellness company’s members. This new partnership begins with the launch of Eat Smart with Jan Tilley, a weekly member email in Walkingspree’s ongoing push to add value to member experiences. Serving over 47,000 members worldwide, Walkingspree uses digital technology coupled with the simple idea of reaching a daily number of steps to achieve wellness targets.


“Combining Jan Tilley’s nutrition knowledge with our wellness solution was an obvious choice,” said Hiran Perera, Walkingspree’s CEO. “We share the same mission of providing a lasting solution to create good health; it’s as simple as that. Jan Tilley’s reputation and experience is unparalleled and partnering with her takes our healthy eating advice to the next level with easy to follow and delicious recipes that anyone can implement.”

These email messages are sent to Walkingspree members each Friday to encourage healthy food choices over the weekend and beyond. Topics covered range from getting more vitamins and nutrients into your diet to resisting your sweet tooth and taking charge of your taste buds to nutritious, good-for-you recipes. 


Walkingspree members are given the tools to produce long-term behavior changes. These changes are encouraged in a number of categories, including nutrition. Unhealthy nutrition practices are reversed as Walkingspree members start counting calories in the food tracker, recognizing the amount of calories burned versus calories consumed to meet weight goals. Members also participate in a variety of healthy eating challenges, such as the Fruit and Veggie Challenge that has members eating a certain amount of fruits and vegetables during the challenge timeframe, which can last from four to eight weeks. 


Members are given the ability to take their health into their own hands through the Walkingspree program, a practice known as the “quantified self” that is becoming more and more popular throughout the years. By giving users an activity tracker to record daily steps walked and the tools to view and analyze these step statistics, members are able to see progress towards health goals at their convenience. Most Walkingspree clients provide incentives and rewards to employees meeting these goals, giving members even more reason to participate and engage in their personal health.



Walkingspree is a specialized wellness program vendor that employs interactive technology to inspire healthier choices and increased physical activity. These activities are shown to boost morale and help to control the rising cost of health care. The customized online program helps employers and insurers engage their members, delivering a validated and measurable ROI. Based on a computer-connected pedometer that tracks steps, interactive food and body trackers, an active social network, and gamification techniques, the corporate wellness program has been shown to deliver more than 50 percent employee participation and year-over-year member retention. Walkingspree wellness programs are already in use by health insurers, insurance brokers, Fortune 1000 companies, and selected SMB clients. Walkingspree is based in San Antonio, Texas. For more information, visit




Jan Tilley is a highly respected clinician, nutrition expert, corporate health and wellness expert and motivational speaker. She is a national leader in nutrition consulting, dietary wellness and medical nutrition therapy. Jan holds a MS in Nutrition and has over 20 years of experience in the food and nutrition industry. She enjoys speaking to a broad audience of clients on finding motivation to make small changes that bring big results in creating good health. For more on Jan Tilley, check out her website at