With a total of 354 million steps among participants, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is our featured client this February. IDB kicked off their Walkingspree wellness program a little less than a year ago, encouraging employees worldwide to get active and lead a healthier life.
“We wanted to create a culture of wellness here at IDB, focusing not only on employees’ health but also on preventive care,” said Doris Angulo, R.N., Health Services Center Coordinator & Chief Nurse. “Walking is the simplest way we can encourage our employees in many different countries all over the world to participate in our wellness program. With Walkingspree, we found something everyone can become engaged in and excited about. You should see how competitive some of our consultants and bank staff get even though they’re separated by hundreds or thousands of miles.”
With offices in over 40 countries, IDB needed a wellness solution that everyone could participate in. Through our platform, consultants and bank staff are able to take part in virtual walks and badge challenges to increase employee morale.
In fact, IDB is one of the first to use Walkingspree’s new badge system. Badges offer a bit of flair and recognition for completing certain tasks in different categories, ranging from activity, challenge, social, weight loss and nutrition.
Kicking off 2014 with our New Year, New You challenge, IDB hopes to drive long-term behavior changes. This challenge urges members to not only reach a certain amount of steps each day but to also eat well by loading up on veggies and keeping track of servings with the food tracker. Another component of their challenge is to enlist buddies to encourage, motivate and inspire activity.
In less than a year, members’ efforts have already paid off. A third of members who originally labeled themselves as sedentary have shifted to an active lifestyle. We recommend over 6,000 steps a day to move from a sedentary to an active lifestyle – and IDB’s members average 7,662 steps a day. On top of that, 24% have lost weight.
One way they motivate members to get moving? Through incentives like iPads, iPods and prizes up to $200. But not all incentives offered are big and flashy. For instance, IDB kicked off their Walkingspree program last year through a Health Fair, offering free lab tests, vision screening, massage, blood pressure screenings, fitness and nutrition counseling and more. This further creates their culture of wellness.
IDB, we tip our hats to you.
IDB supports efforts by Latin America and the Caribbean countries to reduce poverty and inequality and aims to bring about development in a sustainable, climate-friendly way.  A global organization, IDB has 2,000 employees based in Washington, D.C., country offices in 26 borrowing countries and a regional office in Asia and Europe. Established in 1959, IDB is the leading source of development financing for Latin America and the Caribbean –providing loans, grants, technical assistance and research.  IDB has an evolving reform agenda that seeks to increase its development impact in the region.