This month, we’re shining the spotlight on client Amazing Pace, a faith-based walking program. For four years, Walkingspree has been among the wellness program offerings available to clergy, staff and family. Though eligible church employees have many options to choose from when it comes to wellness programs (with one group choosing from a menu of 22 different wellness programs), Walkingspree consistently is the majority’s choice.

“We continue to rely on the Walkingspree platform because it is a unique solution that all our members can participate in,” notes Lee Burdine of The Amazing Pace. “The majority of our demographic is men over age 40 with a growing number of women participants. I have never seen a population adopt a program and see results so quickly. We’re able to notice a difference in members’ lifestyles in as little as a year!”


The Amazing Pace is designed to show members, most of whom are self-insured, that becoming good stewards of their health results in saving money. Savings which go straight back to them!
Incentives play another role in the high rates of participation and engagement Amazing Pace enjoys. We talk a lot here at Walkingspree about companies creating a culture of wellness, where they move beyond implementing our walking program to truly embracing the wellness of employees from all angles. Yes, we’re talking nutrition, annual check-ups and physicals, gym memberships, weight management, financial wellness and more.
Amazing Pace offers great incentives – that members actually want. Yearly rewards are given based on meeting an average daily step count. Plus, monthly drawings for gift cards are held. Any member who has uploaded steps within the month is eligible for the raffle! In doing this, Amazing Pace allows for everyone to have the chance to win something, so users aren’t discouraged if they haven’t met their step goals as much as the program dictates.
Our emphasis on crafting a usable and intuitive piece of software gives Amazing Pace’s members the tools and information they need to take charge of their health – however computer-savvy they may or may not be. In this digital age, it’s empowering for this demographic to accept the technology and platform we provide. Burdine says about half of The Amazing Pace’s members have happily embraced technology in general, and are thoroughly excited for our new iPhone app available next month.
The group has also adopted the newest, most high-tech devices to track their steps. In fact, they placed one of the first orders for our INSPIRE activity tracker. Members also enjoy using their Fitbits, because any device from the Fitbit product line integrates into our platform. We’re all about giving members what they want!
Amazing Pace, thank you for joining us in this amazing race!