Fitbit Discount Offer


Fitbit Discount Offer

  APPLICABLE ONLY TO NEW CLIENTS WHO SIGN UP WITH WALKINGSPREE ALSO… free enrollment in walkingspree “employee challenge” platform for 2 MONTHS. – 12 MONTH CONTRACT AFTER FIRST 2 MONTHS IF CONTINUING THE PROGRAM*Corporate clients only for a minimum of 100 unit orders. Corporation must pay at least $25/unit to qualify. Contact us: Copyright […]

Hacking Healthcare: Intelligent Decisions and Mobile Health

Shivie Mannshahia, VP & CTO of Walkingspree was interviewed recently by BaseHealth about healthcare innovation. “Mobile health will continue to be among the strongest growth groups in healthcare. People are downloading thousands of paid healthcare and fitness apps every day. Easy to use on a daily basis, fitness trackers are catching on fast among consumers, […]

Saint Francis Testimonial

An employee from our client Saint Francis gives a great testimonial about their experience with Walkingspree. “After starting the program with Walkingspree 3 months ago, I lost 10 pounds and I also dropped 1 size and am feeling great. Now, I have lost another 2 pounds in the last 2 weeks. I’m now down to […]

Fitbit Surge Giveaway

Creating a Healthier Workplace Culture

There’s a lot of talk about employees working longer hours, staying connected at home and on vacations, and work/life balance. But all of this time at the office or invested in office work leaves little time for fitness. To bridge this gap and encourage physical activity, some employers have invested in state-of-the-art on-site gyms complete […]

Multitasking Takes a Walk

When most think of office multitasking, they usually envision someone instant messaging while composing an email and preparing a lengthy document or spreadsheet. But multitasking also occurs when combining the typical one-on-one meeting or small informal brainstorming session with a leisurely stroll through the park. In fact, there’s even a name for that: walking meeting. […]

Supreme Court Decision on Affordable Care Act

Another stressful period of waiting is over and it looks like it is business as the usual. Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act health subsidies across the country in their recent ruling. This rejection of the final key challenge to Obamacare preserves the current healthcare landscape. This means prevention and wellness is at the […]

Walkingspree Sponsors the American Heart Association’s 3rd Annual Fit-Friendly Symposium

The American Heart Association’s 3rd Annual Fit-Friendly Symposium was without doubt a success. With much honor and appreciation, Walkingspree sponsored this years Fit-Friendly Symposium. Over 150 corporate wellness attendees gained insight on how to lead employees to healthier lifestyles. Attendees were able to learn about the integration of successful wellness plans into the corporate environment. […]

The Two-minute Workout

The majority of Americans have desk jobs. We’re commuters who spend hours traveling to and fro, receptionists fielding phone calls, attorneys reading through case files and accountants balancing books. Therefore, realistically, it’s not always possible to step away from the chair, the computer, the phone, or the drawers and files of information – at least […]

A Simple Change That Can Increase The Benefits Of Any Walk

You’ve heard of book clubs and buying clubs. But walking clubs? Organized walking clubs are increasing in popularity, and they’re shown to deliver both physical and mental rewards. People who partake in walking clubs have shown improvements in general fitness measurements like body mass index, blood pressure, and lung power along with decreased tendencies toward […]