When creating a habit of walking, it’s best to start with a routine. But at some point, you might notice yourself getting bored with the same route or not wanting to do your waking that day. In that case, the answer may be variety. Here are some tips to help you strip the boredom out of your walking routine.

Mix it up! Instead of having one trail or route that you always walk, try creating three different routes and rotating them. You might also find that walking your normal route backwards can make it seem like a whole new experience.

Train for a charity walk. There are now so many options for getting involved in a walk/run event to support a charitable organization. Pick your favorite local race and find out the route. To mix up your walking you might want to walk parts of the route during your training.

Order Animal Style. If your city has a zoo, it’s a great way to get your steps in. Check your local paper and see if there is a free or low cost day that you can add as a bonus to your regular walking routine.

Hit the Farmer’s Market. Often held in fun locations, Farmer’s Markets can be an opportunity to get your steps in and also pick up some healthy fruits and veggies.

Attend a Festival. Fall is a great time to check out the festival line-up. Don’t just sit on your blanket, but go and explore all that you can see.

Window shop. Indoor or outdoor malls provide a safe place to walk. Outlet Malls can be quite large and give you the opportunity to really get those steps in, while indoor malls are climate controlled for those really hot summer days.

Go Green. If your city has a botanical garden it can be a great place for a walk that also lowers your anxiety level. Look online for a botanical garden, nature center, wildflower farm, or public gardens that are open to the public.

Get Historic. Visit a local fort, mission or other landmark. To increase your steps, offer to pick up litter at these or other historical places. Helping to keep your parks and landmarks in great shape not only helps your community and the environment but also gives you a sense of purpose while getting your steps in – further improving your own wellbeing!