A Walking Program with Measurable Results

Accurate steps translate into measurable results, higher rates of employee engagement and energized
participation, all while sustaining your physical activity program for the long term.

Walkingspree’s open platform is compatible with most activity trackers and accurately monitors physical activity.

Today’s wearable devices keep track of more than just steps. They also monitor active minutes, calories burned,

 provide reminders to be active, monitor heart rates and more.

Easy, Accurate Measurement

Walkingspree eliminates the need for self-reporting, which can sometimes be inflated or otherwise inaccurate. Employees can instantly sync their data via the Walkingspree mobile app or their desktop computer. This accurately and quickly records their activity achievements. With these valid measurements, you can create competitions, provide meaningful rewards, and maintain engagement.

Additional features of Walkingspree’s Flex Business and Enterprise Program include body tracking, food tracking, challenges, fun and friendly competition and interactive social networking.


Activity Tracking


Food Tracking


Body Tracking


Challenges and
friendly competition


Social Networking

Software as a Service (Saas)

As an SaaS company, Walkingspree stores all data and required software in our secure online system. This means there’s no complicated software to install on your computer network. Walkingspree can quickly get your company’s walking program up and running. Members simply download the Walkingspree app to their smartphone or computer and are ready to go.


Walkingspree has undergone rigid security testing and is proud to be approved by security conscious clients like defense contractors and government agencies. Walkingspree’s software is HIPAA compliant.