Alberta Primary Care Network Pilots Wellness Program to Promote Healthy Lifestyle for Chronic Disease Patients


CALGARY, ALBERTA–(Marketwire – Dec. 19, 2007) – Calgary West Central Primary Care Network is leading the pack by taking a proactive and innovative approach to the management of chronic disease. They announced today that they will begin a pilot study that enrolls 900 patients in an online wellness program offered by
Chronic disease is a major challenge for health care systems as it is the major cause of death and disability worldwide. In Canada alone the total cost of illness, disability and death due to chronic disease is $80 billion annually and it is the cause of about two thirds of all deaths. Raised body mass index (overweight and obesity) is an important cause of chronic disease. Studies have shown that exercise such as walking can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer. It’s no wonder that walking is the #1 health initiative prescribed by health professionals in North America.
With these facts in mind, selected patients under the care of local Calgary West Central PCN family doctors will be given USB Pocket Pedometers from to track and automatically upload their walking data to the WalkingSpree website. The patients can add other activities such as swimming or cycling to get a full picture of the calories burned. Patients can also track calories consumed with the online food and nutrition tracker to balance their daily “energy in-energy out” equation, thereby assisting with weight loss and weight-loss maintenance. These patients will
receive support from WalkingSpree’s online Fitness and Nutritional Coaches.

We are pleased to pilot a fun and easily accessible wellness program that encourages exercise and offers nutrition guidance for patients living with a chronic disease. This weight management program adds an innovative tool to manage, prevent or postpone the onset of these diseases.” said Dr. Fred Moriarty, Medical Director at the Calgary West Central PCN network.

Doreen Nasr, Executive Director at the organization commented “This is another example of local PCN flexibility to offer new proactive solutions that executes on our mandate of providing health promotion and introducing multidisciplinary teams to support patient care.”
Hiran Perera, CEO of WalkingSpree, said “We are pleased to serve Calgary West Central PCN with a tailored program that is ideal for patients with chronic disease. We are focusing our efforts to address the weight management epidemic facing our local communities across North America. Our goal is to instill a permanent lifestyle change to our members with a simple and fun online program that works.”
About Calgary West Central Primary Care Network
The Calgary West Central Primary Care Network represents a partnership of over 225 Calgary family physicians and the Calgary Health Region to provide and coordinate comprehensive primary care services. The network serves approximately 235,000 people with many of these being seniors. The network goal is to develop a variety of programs to address the community’s needs. The needs for Calgary West Central have been identified as services for seniors, care for mental health concerns, management of chronic diseases, and care for minor emergencies.
WalkingSpree is the only firm in North America to market a web-connected 10,000 steps wellness program with the USB Omron Pedometer (HJ-720). WalkingSpree has developed a web-based interface for activity, food consumption and body tracking to deliver a dynamic online wellness program utilizing the new Web 2.0 technology platform. delivers an effective, economical, and fun wellness program for corporate clients, health systems, health clubs and the
general public. offers customized corporate wellness packages with private websites to corporations to promote wellness in the workplace. A flexible, turn-key solution with fun individual & team competition, rewards and timely reports on the success are provided to corporate clients. WalkingSpree offers online social networking to the general public with Walking Clubs, Walking Buddies, blogs and forums. WalkingSpree’s weight management program targeting chronic disease
patients promotes a healthy lifestyle and it offloads the number of visits to the doctor, thereby reducing the burden on the health system. For more information, see

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