When employees are fit and healthy, everyone benefits: the employee enjoys a higher quality of life, the office receives increased productivity and morale, and the company reaps benefits from both a lower healthcare costand higher efficiency standpoint. A corporate wellness program can help employees improve their fitness and strength, but the gym isn’t the only place where you can encourage healthy activities; these seven exercises can help supplement your wellness efforts right inside the office.


  1. Calf Raises – Calf raises can easily be done by your employees at their desk. They would start by slowly raising their heels off the floor while using their desk for balance, and then slowly lower them again. For a more effective calf raise, stand on the edge of a raised surface such as a stairway step.

  3. Squats – Squats are an excellent way for employees to strengthen their lower body without leaving their desks, or even their chairs. For best results, they can start by lowering their office chair as much as possible. Starting from a standing position in front of the chair, employees would place their hands on their hips or thighs and, as slowly as possible, lower themselves into a seated position.

  5. Jumping Jacks – A schoolyard staple, jumping jacks can be a great way to get in a quick burst of cardio. If employees are uncomfortable performing them at their desk, they can slip away to the break room, the hallway, or an empty office for thirty seconds to one minute’s worth of reps.

  7. Walking Lunges – Lunges are a great lower-body strengthener, and can be easily slipped into employees’ routines any time they walk around the office. If the office workspace is too limited, trips down a hallway can provide an opportunity with more room.

  9. Tricep Dips – For an exercise that’s great for toning the upper body, employees can try performing tricep dips at either their desk or chair. For a quick seated version, they simply place their hands behind them on the seat of their chair and slowly raise and lower their body. For a better workout, employees can stand with their back to their desk and grip the edge of the desk behind them. With their elbows bent and feet planted, they lower their body into a seated position and slowly raise themselves back up.

  10. Incline Bench – The incline bench gives employees the benefits of a pushup, without office-inappropriate need to lie on the floor. They should begin by standing facing their desk, and place their palms shoulder-width apart on the edge of the desk. After taking one or two large steps back, slowly lower their chest to the desk, and continue as they would for traditional pushups.

  12. Walking – One of the simplest and yet most beneficial exercises you can do anywhere is just walking. Encourage employees to make an effort to take as many steps as possible during the day, walking to colleagues’ desks instead of calling or taking a few brisk laps around the office when they have a break.

To learn more about how your employees can integrate healthy habits throughout their day or the many benefits of Walkingspree’s corporate-sponsored walking program, contact us today.