Wellness Programs May Cut Health Care Costs Alone by 18%

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Wellness Programs May Cut Health Care Costs Alone by 18%

With the myriad of cost-saving benefits involved, the potential return on investment (or ROI) of corporate wellness programs is rapidly becoming increasingly apparent to executives and human resource professionals. From direct cost-saving measures like decreased healthcare costs to incidental savings that occur from boosts in productivity and fewer employee sick days, the ways in which […]

Employees May Think They’re Healthier Than They Are

The benefits of corporate wellness plans are numerous for employees and companies alike. The ROI of corporate wellness programs can be significant for companies as well, as they can benefit from the same increase in employee productivity and motivation, plus save money with fewer employee sick days and lower healthcare costs. The higher the employee […]

Utilizing Health Insurance Premiums to Motivate Employees

The benefits that employees and companies alike can realize from a corporate wellness program are many, including increased productivity, a happier work environment, fewer sick days, and lower healthcare costs. What companies are rapidly realizing is that the greater the participation in the program, the greater the potential gains. One of the most effective methods […]

Study Suggests Diet and Exercise Can Lead to Diabetes Remission

It is well known and widely accepted that a healthy lifestyle, including a nutritious diet and regular participation in fitness activities such as brisk walking, can help reduce and prevent obesity in adults. In turn, this fitness-focused lifestyle can help prevent diseases and conditions associated with obesity – including type 2 diabetes.     Recently, […]

Study Shows Executives Recognize the Benefit of Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness initiatives, such as Walkingspree’s corporate walking program, are proving to show valuable results that benefit companies and their employees – and more executives are beginning to take notice. According to The State of Worksite Wellness in America, a report released last month by the Alliance of a Healthier Minnesota and funded by the […]

4 Essential Walking Safety Tips

Of the many benefits of walking, one of the most appealing to many is the fact that it requires very little specialized equipment, minimal training, and can be done nearly anywhere. Walking is a fun way for your employees to improve their overall wellness, and almost anyone can take part right away. However, like all […]