Incentive Planning for 2013

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Incentive Planning for 2013

[quotetext]Now is a good time to begin looking at your program and budget planning for your Walkingspree wellness program as well as your wellness program as a whole. [/quotetext] These good intentions, however, need to be matched by the participation of employees, if you truly wish to see a return on investment. So how do […]

Stay Fit During Holidays with Flexibility and Planning

Along with the joy, merriment, and festivities of the holiday season, this time of year can also mean packed schedules, increased stress, and rich food-focused gatherings – all of which can threaten to derail your employees’ fitness commitments. However, this doesn’t mean that they are doomed to undo all of their hard work – nor […]

Is Your Office Culture Counterproductive to Employee Health?

Employee health can be critical to a business’ productivity and efficiency. Healthy employees can mean fewer sick days, increased enthusiasm, and increased productivity, and can increase everything from a company’s culture to their bottom line. To increase employee health, many companies are instituting practices that promote wellness. However, official policies are only as effective as […]

Make Health and Wellness Part of Your Company’s Culture

Companies that provide opportunities for a healthier, more productive workplace through implementing a corporate wellness program can reap a wealth of benefits, including saving on health care costs, increasing productivity, and reducing employee sick days. And by encouraging a culture that promotes healthy living, the benefits can be even greater as employee participation and engagement […]

Promoting a Healthy Workplace During the Festive Holiday Season

For those trying to create a lifestyle focused on health and wellbeing, the holiday season can sometimes feel like a minefield. Holiday food is often considered synonymous with food that is rich, decadent, and unhealthy. The trend starts with the piles of Halloween candy employees’ children may bring home, continues into Thanksgiving with gravy-covered meals […]

The Unexpected Health Benefits of Walking

When communicating the physical benefits of walking to your employees, they may already be aware of some of the better-known benefits, such as losing weight, toning muscles and building physical stamina.  What they may not be aware of is the many additional – and perhaps surprising – heath benefits of walking that can have both […]