4 Walking Myths Debunked

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4 Walking Myths Debunked

Walking is an excellent and popular fitness choice for corporate wellness programs, as it provides a highly effective activity that employees of all fitness levels can participate in, while requiring little-to-no specialized training and promoting social interaction. However, a few persisting myths about walking may cause concern for some employees. Here are four of the […]

Walkingspree CEO discusses benefits of workplace walking programs on the Philippe Matthews show

Hiran Perera, co-founder of Walkingspree, is featured on the Philippe Matthews show on Blog Talk Radio. Listen in to hear a brief history of Walkingspree, an excellent description of all of Walkingspree’s services and features, and an insight into Walkingspree’s passion for health. Listen now to this great interview.

7 Exercises That can be Done Anywhere – Even in the Office

When employees are fit and healthy, everyone benefits: the employee enjoys a higher quality of life, the office receives increased productivity and morale, and the company reaps benefits from both a lower healthcare costand higher efficiency standpoint. A corporate wellness program can help employees improve their fitness and strength, but the gym isn’t the only place where […]