Give Workers Some Fun Walking Off Their Fat

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Give Workers Some Fun Walking Off Their Fat

Every day seems to bring more hand-wringing about the expanding American waistline. Thanks to our fat-laden diets and largely sedentary lifestyle, we’re heavier and more out-of-shape than ever. And all that weight is a heavy burden on American businesses that pay some portion of their employees’ health care costs. Give Workers Some Fun Walking Off […]

Hancock Regional Rewards Healthy Actions

Published in Incentives magazine, June 19, 2012   If your business is making people healthier, your staff should probably be healthy themselves. This was the philosophy that led Hancock Regional Hospital to embrace an ambitious, multi-year healthy incentive program that has already had substantial impact at the company.   The Greenfield, IN-based hospital had a […]

Providing Successful Rewards For Employee Wellness Programs

How to identify rewards that motivate and encourage your employees. There is no denying the many benefits that come with an effective workplace wellness program?less employee absenteeism, lowered insurance and medical care costs, increased employee morale and productivity, and more. However, while there are many different strategies that have been proven to increase participation in […]

Apps For Social Wellness Programs

If you’re considering launching a social wellness program, get ready to sort through an ever-growing list of services and applications. Workforce subscription required.   Apps For Social Wellness Programs

Walkingspree CEO talks about the benefits of walking

Walkingspree CEO Hiran Perera discusses the benefits of walking and how a corporate walking program can on health care costs during a recent appearance on the morning TV show San Antonio Living.

Tips for Keeping Active While Sitting Behind a Desk

Don’t let sitting all day at work keep you staying active and getting fit.   Keeping up with a regular exercise or fitness routine during your free time is a great way to maintain good health and make a positive step toward your overall wellness goals. After all, there is no better way to shake […]

VIDEO: Hiran Perera on Socially Sound

Hiran Perera on Socially Sound Recently, Hiran Perera, co-founder and CEO of Walkingspree appeared on WB33 Dallas news’ Socially Sound segment with Shama Kabani. Watch as Hiran and Shama discuss Walkingspree’s digitized approach to corporate wellness and the importance of walking for one’s health. VIDEO: Hiran Perera on Socially Sound

The True Costs of Unhealthy Employees

How much do employee illnesses cost your company in the long run? For businesses all across the country, good health among employees is not only beneficial for a productive and more motivated office, but it is also the gift that keeps on giving in terms of keeping health care costs at bay. Think about it?a […]

The Benefits of Having an Exercise Buddy

Exercising with a partner can keep you motivated and on track. It’s easy to find excuses to put off exercising?too many other tasks to complete, don’t have the time,  too expensive, gym is too crowded, etc. The truth of the matter is we may simply lack the self motivation that is required to just get […]

The Return on Investment for Employer-Sponsored Wellness Programs

What ROI can I expect from a corporate wellness program? We here at Walkingspree have always made it a priority to share the health and financial benefits that can come along with implementing a corporate-sponsored wellness program in the workplace. Not only do these amazing fitness programs help employees to improve their health and morale, […]