3 Important Aspects of A Successful Corporate Wellness Program

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3 Important Aspects of A Successful Corporate Wellness Program

Get your corporate wellness program off on the right track with these tips. Here at Walkingspree, we have seen first-hand that when implemented correctly, corporate-sponsored wellness programs can dramatically alter an employee’s outlook, workplace productivity and motivation, thus improving a company’s bottom line. In fact, incorporating physical fitness back into the workplace is becoming such […]

Employee Fitness: Choosing The Right Socks For Your Run

Nothing keeps your employees running longer than a perfect pair of socks. Here at Walkingspree, we have talked many times about the different health and wellness benefits that running and walking can bring to your company’s employees (not to mention the many cost benefits that it can also bring to your company’s bottom line.) However, […]

Reward Your Employees For Reaching Their Wellness Goals

Corporate wellness programs excel through the use of rewards and incentives. If you have ever had to work through a really difficult task or an activity that you were less than thrilled about participating in, than you probably came up with an exciting or tempting incentive that helped to make the entire process more appealing […]

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body: Summer Wellness Tips for Employees

Encourage healthy habits this summer for decreased absenteeism. When it comes to keeping healthy and preventing absenteeism amongst employees, it is no secret that employer-sponsored health and wellness programs go a long way towards ensuring a happy, healthy staff. Not only do daily fitness programs for employees decrease their stress and promote multiple health improvements, […]

Companies find success with Walkingspree corporate walking program

An Outsourced Wellness Program That Walks Away with Success Many of the 92 team members of Hanson Mold operate machining centers, so they are either standing in place or seated all day. Ditto for the 140 employees of Horizon Software, who are glued to their computer screens the majority of the work day. Read the […]

Studies Show That Workplace Wellness Means Lower Health Costs

Healthy employees means lower health care costs in the long run. In a society filled with rising healthcare costs and never-ending budget cuts, it is truly important that you’re ensuring that your company is getting the most out of every single dollar that is spent. For some, this could mean scaling back on costs for […]

Four Exercise Safety Tips For Your Corporate Wellness Program

Tips for keeping your employees safe and healthy each time they work out. It is no secret that regular exercise is good for the body and the mind, whether you are encouraging your employees to keep fit after a delicious family dinner or simply motivating them to get back into better shape to improve their […]

Proven Health Benefits That Come With Walking Regularly

Improve both your health and your heart through regular exercise. When it comes to working out and living a more healthy lifestyle, a lot of people have trouble getting motivated because they think it’s going to be really hard work. However, while lifting weights three times a week or challenging yourself to compete in a […]

Kick Up Your Corporate Wellness With A Company-Wide Race

Running is a race is a great way to improve employee wellness and motivation. Many people of all shapes and sizes, even seasoned veteran athletes that work out on a daily basis, will sometimes find themselves growing tired and bored of their regular exercise routine. Therefore, it is important to encourage your employees to spice […]