Corporate Health: Preventing The Sickness of Spring

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Corporate Health: Preventing The Sickness of Spring

Keep your employees healthy this season through these simple tips. It is no secret that spring is one of the most exciting and awaited times of year for many people across the country. Not only does spring mean farewell to the wet, cold and grey winter months, but it is also a great time for […]

Debunking Common Myths About Corporate Health & Wellness

Answering some of the most common health and wellness myths once and for all. When it comes to running a successful business, it is no secret that a company needs productive employees in order to strive forward in their industry and keep their business thriving. Unfortunately, this is a lot easier said than done for […]

Corporate Wellness Tips: How To Improve Employee Health

Three tips for improving the health and wellness of your employees. If you have ever worked in an office environment before, then you may understand just how much your health and fitness habits begin to hinder after following the same corporate routine day after day?taking lunch at your desk to catch up on emails and […]

Work A Healthier Bottom Line Into Your Wellness Program

Make significant changes to the health of your employees and your business. The spring season is notorious for bringing about a certain amount of change into our personal and corporate lives. When we spring clean our homes, we throw out all of the unnecessary junk in our rooms and garages that is not improving our […]

Corporate Wellness: Employee Participation vs. Employee Engagement

Are your employees shaping up your wellness program, or simply showing up?   It is no secret that a beneficial corporate-sponsored wellness program, such as the ones that are offered by Walkingspree, are an obvious choice for businesses all over the country. Not only do these award-winning programs help to improve employee health and morale, […]

Corporate Health: The Dangers of Stress On The Workplace

Decreasing employee stress in the workplace can produce significant results. It is no secret that stress and the workplace often go hand in hand. Any time that you are working long hours, spending an increased amount of time on a project that is challenging or difficult, and having to put your skills and mind to […]

Wellness Tools: The Benefits of Walking with a Pedometer

Walkingspree’s USB pedometer provides many health benefits to your employees. When it comes to working out and getting fit, there is no shortage of health and wellness plans that promise to improve your workout and increase your long-term results. However, with all of the various types of exercise equipment that is available to people looking […]

Employee Health: The Natural Way To Decrease High Blood Pressure

Decrease high blood pressure through promoting walking and daily exercise. As we get older, many people will begin to find that certain aspects of their health and well-being is no longer quite as resilient as it used to be. For instance, as you get older and older (beginning as soon as your early 30?s), you […]