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“Improving the health and education of our employees is one of our core  values”, said Eames. “We wanted to show our employees that we care about   them and their well being. Offering this Walkingspree program made a   lot of sense to us. It was easy for everyone to participate and walking   has the lowest dropout […]


Get started today and find out: How American Financial Group, a Fortune 500 firm, saved $9.00 for every $1.00 invested Why 94% of Walkingspree participants love the program and would recommend it How to incorporate rewards into your wellness culture How Walkingspree’s wellness program provides measurable outcomes Control your medical costs with a wellness program […]


Why Should You Choose Walkingspree’s Employee Wellness Programs? You only pay for participants. Programs are customizable and flexible to meet your needs. Most participants lose weight, improve cholesterol readings, and lower blood pressure. Designed for positive return on investment. It’s fun, so employees want to participate. Uses the #1 Ranked Walkingspree USB Pedometer to track […]

Carolyn Pape

This easily accessible program encourages exercise and offers nutrition guidance for our employees. These folks can just track their steps and achieve wellness benefits in the process. Carolyn Pape, Whidbey General Hospital Human Resources Director

Gerry Tolentino

I am a strong believer in improving one’s health. What Walkingspree and our company, Clindatrix have done to our work force is beyond words. The kind of “LIFT” we walkers get every day is something difficult to explain. Those who are actively taking the WalkingspreeChallenge, understand what I mean. As Walkingspree says…..Money is the most […]

Scott Beeken

The most impressive results have been in biometric screening results for our employees with potential health risks. On average, about 70% of those with elevated cholesterol, glucose or triglyceride levels have improved their results…We attribute most of these results to our Walkingspree program. Scott Beeken, Vice President, Benefit Strategy and Planning, American Financial Group

Corporate Wellness: Using Rewards To Motivate Your Employees

Rewards can help your employees get excited about workplace wellness.   When it comes to fitness and losing weight, it is no secret that rewards are one of the largest motivators for getting in shape. Whether your reward is fitting back into a certain size of clothing that has long been out of reach, looking […]


With Walkingspree you can expect high enrollment & retention. By tracking physical activity with the use of wearable devices, combined with an online program, employees get healthier & you reduce claim costs.


Walkingspree’s experience and proven track record in the health insurance industry helps providers and brokers tailor an activity-based wellness solution for target clientele.


Members achieve individual health benefits and have fun along the way. They love the activity tracker and walking program so much that 98% would recommend it to someone else.