Walking for Heart Disease During National Heart Awareness Month

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Walking for Heart Disease During National Heart Awareness Month

Honor National Heart Awareness Month this February by Walking for the Cause.   We here at Walkingspree are constantly striving to find ways to make your workplace a healthier and happier environment, for both yourself and your employees. Not only do we do our best to increase the production and the motivation of the people […]

Hanson companies sign on with Walkingspree to encourage fitness

Published in the Herald Palladium, Friday, January 27, 2012   ST. JOSEPH – While some politicians are just talking the talk about reducing health care costs, Hanson Mold and its sister companies are walking the walk by encouraging healthier living among employees.   Last year, the St. Joseph company, along with Hanson Logistics, signed on […]

Tips For Keeping Your Employees Healthy This Winter

Follow these steps to keep your company a healthy, functioning work place.   While there are many positives aspects that come with the snowy, winter season?holidays spent with family and friends, new year’s celebrations, a fresh chance to make all new goals and resolutions?there are just as many not so great things that can come […]

Social Health & Wellness: Increase Employees Drive and Motivation

Social health tools not only increase employee participation, they also offer an exciting chance for workplace bonding.

Corporate Wellness Programs Promote Loyalty In The Workplace

When employees have a chance to freely interact and communicate through work wellness programs, the office environment can be dramatically altered – for the better.

Mental Health Improved Through Corporate Wellness Programs

There is a growing body of work that shows that one of the best ways to combat poor mental and emotional health is through daily exercise programs, such as the ones offered by Walkingspree.

Positive Impacts Of Employer-Sponsored Wellness Programs

The benefits that a corporate wellness program can have on your business.   It is no secret that a regular routine of fitness and dieting can have an overwhelmingly beneficial effect on an individual’s health and wellness. Not only does fitness play a large role in disease prevention, healthy living and weight loss, but it can […]

Setting Goals For Your Corporate Wellness Program

How goals can help improve the wellness and productivity of your employees.   When it comes to the health and productivity of your employees, there is no limit to the amount of benefits and increased wellness that an employer-sponsored health program can have on both your company and your staff.   For instance, one employee […]

Brain Builders: Exercise Improves Employees Memory And Attention

How to increase the cognitive functions of employees through exercise.   In every single work place or office environment, there will always be some kind of distraction or outside factor that will affect the work and productivity of your employees. Whether the distraction comes in the form of excitement for an upcoming work holiday or […]