Our Purpose
Engaging people to live an active and healthy lifestyle

Engaged and Active Employees are Good for Companies

Walkingspree Platform

Your employees can connect their wearable devices and smart phones to track their steps, other physical activity, and participate in our fun walking challenges. We offer you a dedicated Client Success Team who will help you create an impactful, robust program with challenges, custom marketing materials, meaningful incentive strategies, and ongoing support to provide you continued engagement.


Why Walkingspree?

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93% of members reported their OVERALL HAPPINESS and well-being improved by participating in their employer’s Walkingspree program.


86% of members reported their overall PHYSICAL HEALTH improved from participating in Walkingspree programs and challenges.


74% of members reported they felt COMPANY MORALE improved because of Walkingspree.

Health Improvement

Our Walkingspree programs are built on research which shows that walking improves health in many ways.

  • Heart Disease – 50% reduction in risk by walking 30 minutes a day
  • Cancer – walking reduces mortality by 50% for women with breast cancer
  • Diabetes – 58% reduction in risk with walking and good nutrition

Effectively Increase ROI / VOI

When employees are healthier and happier, so is your bottom line.

  • When employees are physically active, it results in measurable improvements in lifestyle-related risk factors which positively impact health costs.
  • 93% of members reported their overall happiness and well-being improved by participating in their employer’s Walkingspree program.
  • 86% of members reported their overall physical health improved from participating in Walkingspree programs and challenges.
  • 74% of members reported they felt company morale improved because of Walkingspree.

Walkingspree Statistics

  • 600K lives served – We are proud to have helped nearly 600,000 employees become more physically active.  Companies continue to experience high engagement rates each year and we never stop striving to make positive impacts on our client’s lives one step at a time.
  • 400 billion steps taken by Walkingspree members
  • 48% more steps taken compared to the average American
  • 4.7 star rating for the Walkingspree Mobile App
  • 99% Member Support Satisfaction is reported by our clients and members

What Our Clients & Members Say

What’s Happening at Walkingspree

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