Automatically track your activity, steps, calories burned, food and more


If you’ve landed on this page, you’re likely a potential BCN HBL weight management enrollee and you may be looking for information about Walkingspree.

Healthy Blue LivingSM and Healthy Blue Living RewardsSM members with a body mass index of 30 or more may qualify to participate in the Walkingspree program for free. If you have a body mass index of 30 or more, please visit Member Secured Services at to see if you qualify.

For more info on how to join, see FAQ’s at MiBCN.[/info_box]

Walkingspree can help you lose weight and improve your health. Walking is easy, convenient and can be done anywhere, anytime. Every step adds up throughout the whole day. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can find a way to take more steps.

Walkingspree makes meeting the 5,000 step requirement fun. Check out your progress with the My Step Status ticker or view your progress along a virtual walk. This month participants are trekking along a virtual walk of Mardi Gras.

Your Walkingspree state-of-the-art pedometer (accelerometer technology) accurately records your steps each day and can store up to 41 days of activity. Upload to the Walkingspree website with either PC or MacOS software (it even works with the iPad 2).

Aerobic steps
Calories burned
Fat burned
Stores data for 41 days
You can wear your pedometer in your pants pocket, in your shirt pocket, around your neck, on the clip on your belt, or tucked into your bra.
Easy upload of pedometer data to the Walkingspree website for online comparison and tracking.

Activity Tracker

[icon chart_3 left]A USB connection allows you to automatically upload your activity data to the Walkingspree website where you can see your data over any period of time and observe trends. Set step goals and use our visual tools to help you reach your goals. You can also enter non-stepping activities such as swimming, weightlifting or yoga in the Activity Tracker on the website.

Food Tracker

[icon apple left]Improving your health may also involve weight loss. To lose weight, you need to eat healthy foods as well as walk. It’s easy to track food consumption with the Food Tracker database of 65,000 foods (including fast foods) and 7,000 healthy recipes. You can discover how many steps it takes to burn off a food item or meal. The Walkingspree website will combine your calories with your activity, and display net calories burned for weight management goals.

Body Tracker

[icon scale left]Know your numbers. Track your weight loss, Fat percentage, BMI and Waist/Hip Ratio.

Challenges and friendly competition

[icon star left]Walkingspree makes walking fun with online walking clubs and leaderboards. See which of your peers are at the top of the walking club, or brag about your team. Join existing clubs or be a club Leader and start your own club. Participate in ‘Virtual Walk’ Challenges and track your progress using Google Maps technology and your step data. Design your own ‘Challenge’ and invite others to join you. You can win recognition for your walking achievements.

Social Networking

[icon group left]Don’t like friendly competition? Social networking on the Walkingspree website keeps you in touch while you strive for personal goals. The Walkingspree ‘buddy system’ allows you to check in on friends and encourage them to keep walking. You can keep a private journal, post blog entries, and write wall comments about your club, team or Virtual Walk.